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What Can Women Expect From Engaging A Male Escort?

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What Can Women Expect From Engaging A Male Escort?

I see escorting as providing companionship to women, on their terms, and giving women the time and attention that they deserve. Every woman deserves to feel special, and I love that I can help women in this way. I’ve always had the view that I want to make the world a better place – one smile at a time.

I have found this to be a very important service, as unfortunately there are many women who aren’t completely satisfied with relationships or intimate experiences, that they have had in the past.

How I Got Started Into Escorting

I have always liked to think ‘outside the box’ and do things a bit differently. And when I was in high school, I thought about being a male escort, and being able to provide intimacy, companionship, and so much more to women. This was more than twelve years ago, when there weren’t many male escorts for women in Australia at all, so I was venturing into a brand new field.

I completed a diploma of remedial massage, and then through trial and error, learnt as I went.

Also, that was back in the day when they still had DVD stores, ( do you remember DVD stores?) – I rented “Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo”, and “American Gigolo” – such a cliche, but it was a starting point! Not sure if the guy in the store had any idea that I was about to start embarking on the career of a lifetime!

What Makes Me An Ideal Escort For Women

Being a male escort for women definitely isn’t something that any man could do. It takes a lot of determination, courage, confidence, and personality. Many women enjoy the social aspects of engaging a male escort, so this is essential, as I’ve had experiences as varied as overseas trips, hang gliding, opera, theatre and dinner dates.

I am a really friendly person, with a great sense of humour, and I’m very honest, down to earth, and kind. Also, I spend time with women from their early 20’s right through to their 80’s, so being intimate with and enjoying women from a range of age groups is part of the work.

I think these are some of the qualities that make women enjoy spending time with me.

Why Women Engage Male Escorts

I love learning about women, and any man that thinks he knows every single thing about women is kidding himself. There is always more to learn – and I love every step along the journey!

Women engage my services for so many different reasons – too many to list, but here are a few.

A lot of women have unfortunately found that guys can be jerks. They only want one thing – and when they do have sex, most guys just care about themselves, and leave the woman wondering ‘Well, what about me?’ Many men don’t know (or want to learn) how to pleasure a woman and believe that their orgasm is the reason for having sex.

A lot of my clients just don’t want to date and search for the right man, only to be constantly disappointed. They want to know that they can have a great time, be fully looked after, and have all of their needs met. To be listened to, laugh, have fun, and have a massage and/or mind-blowing sex, or whatever they are looking for, and know that they are going to get it. They go to a professional.

Whether they’ve had a relationship end, or been single for years – women want someone who is going to listen to them, fulfill their desires, and to make them feel special.

I also have a lot of clients who find me because they have unfortunately been hurt by men in the past, and feel that they can never trust any man again. Whatever their past may entail, I love to help women be able to heal – both during our time together, and for a long time afterwards.

Some women may feel that they don’t have the confidence to date, and I help them to boost their confidence, so that they can go after what they want.

Some women contact me to organise having sex for the first time. Because why not make your first time memorable and enjoyable?

I have some clients who feel they can’t find a man they’d like to be with because they have a disability, and they’d like to hire a professional to have their needs and desires met.

And a lot of women engage my services simply because they can. We all have the freedom to choose what we’d like to do, and why not decide to treat yourself to enjoyable company, good conversation and mind-blowing sex?

My Regular Clientele

I often get requests from new clients, and I also have many regular clients. I only take one booking per day, so that each of my clients can have all of me and my energy. I am always busy, but make sure to schedule time in my calendar in advance for myself.

My regular clients are lovely, and I have a different professional relationship with each of them. I see women of all ages, backgrounds, and life circumstances.

What You Can Expect When Engaging Me

When engaging me, women can know that they are safe, in experienced hands, can explore and enjoy new experiences, and have a really great time that they will never forget.

Just relax, and be yourself, and let me share something truly memorable with you!

Male Escort Melbourne, Leo for women – available across all of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and International.

For the woman who wants more than an average man can give.

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Male Escort Melbourne, Leo for women - available across all of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and International. For the woman who wants more than an average man can give.


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