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How To Approach An Escort


How To Approach An Escort

In my view, escorting is an essential service that provides a necessary need for people in every society.

There are different types of escorting services in the adult industry and in this article I am talking about the traditional in-person escorting services which is the type of service I enjoy and provide.

Most of us want to connect and be intimate with someone from time to time, as all humans do. Unfortunately, not everyone is always in the position to fulfill these needs. Whether it is due to the lack of a partner, relationship breakdown or not being able to communicate frankly with their partner about their desires. Escorts will provide at the very least, a base level of physical intimacy, in many cases they provide far more. Think how much a warm hug comforts you, how much a smart conversation can stimulate you, and how big a smile you can have after experiencing good sex.

The demand for Escorts will always exist, so society should focus on reducing the stigma associated with sex work and enable a safer environment for all through shifting personal attitudes and mindsets more toward an acceptance of this oldest of professions.

What Makes Me An Ideal Companion

I choose to be an escort because I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, I like to have a laugh and I enjoy sex very much.

I am kind, caring and feminine. I think it’s fantastic to be a lady. I enjoy the process of dressing up and taking my time to look after myself.

I am in my 40s but have the look of a 30-year-old.

Walking into the escorting industry with more life experience has given me confidence and wisdom to interact with ease with a wide range of people. I feel very comfortable in my skin knowing exactly what my preferences and limits are. My clients feel relaxed when they are with me, as if we are old friends and passionate lovers catching up with each other.

I enjoy being a well-dressed, well-mannered, elegant lady that would make any man proud to have me by his side. I like to think I have a twinkle in my eye that only my gentleman can see and knows how cheeky and naughty I can be.   

I think our society has become very fast moving and superficial. However, quality things will stay and last through time. I believe in continuous investment in myself, enriching my mind, improving my skills and providing quality services. Life is too short to not enjoy it to the finest and fullest.

I strive to provide a genuine quality experience always.

Why Do Men Seek Escorts For Company?

There are a number of reasons people seek escort services.

Some men simply do not have a partner and do not wish to go into a relationship. Some men are in a relationship but rarely have sex with their partner. Some people have fantasies but can never talk to their partners about them.

Engaging an escort provides many benefits.

For those who do not wish to start a full-time relationship or simply want female variety, meeting an escort provides a solution.

Men’s well-being is often overlooked. For those who haven’t received enough attention from their partners, escorts provide them with the support and intimacy they need, so they have the “fuel” to go back to taking care of their loved ones.

For people who want to realise their fantasy, escorts are a good way to make it happen.  From seeing a woman of your dreams, to arranging an exciting threesome, to unleashing secret desires. Just like many other thrill-seeking activities, you can definitely find a provider who can make it happen for you. 

Escorting provides an opportunity to enjoy sex safely. Most providers take their health seriously, not only because they have to follow the regulations, but also, they want to look after themselves in order to continue their business. Escorts are required to conduct STI tests regularly, for example, the requirement in Victoria Australia is every three months. It is much safer to engage an escort for an intimate fun time, than having a casual one-night stand.

What Gentlemen Should Know Before Approaching An Escort

It is important to read her advertisement before approaching an escort. The advertisement will provide the majority of the answers clients are looking for.

What are her rates? What are her contact hours and preferred contact methods? Is there a list of services available?

For example, a lot of escorts preferred contact methods are by text or email, as they may have a day job or live a busy lifestyle. Reading her profile and following her procedures not only displays the client’s respect toward the provider, but also makes it a wonderful start for the experience that will be had between the provider and the client.

How I Prepare For My Dates

In order to be well-organized with my schedule and maintain a high quality of my appointments, I accept appointments in advanced only.

I usually start preparing myself days, if not weeks ahead. I sometimes go out of my way to purchase the right outfit or little surprises to spoil my dates. I will have my manicure and pedicure done beforehand. The night before I always make sure I am well rested, and my outfits are ready. On the day of the appointment, I will take my time to shower and have my hair styled. I always allow plenty of time for travelling so I am not late.

The build-up to the appointment excites me. I look forward to the meeting just as much as my gentleman does!

All of my clients are respectful lovely gentlemen, and all matters have been clarified and discussed beforehand so when the appointment is on, there is only one rule for me;

Have fun, and lots of it!

Are There Follow Ups Required?

I don’t expect my clients to contact me post meetings as I understand most people live a busy life. Although some regular clients like to send me a short message now and then just to say hi, and I don’t mind it at all.

Do’s & Don’ts For Approaching An Escort


  • Do read through the provider’s profile before first contact.
  • Do follow the provider’s instructions when making a booking.
  • Always start with introducing yourself when you approach a provider as you would in person.
  • Do shower and dress in an acceptable manner for the appointment.
  • Always be respectful. You are looking for an intimate experience with another human being. It makes sense the more comfortable you make the provider feel, the more enjoyable an experience you will have.


  • Avoid asking about the information already advertised. It shows that you can’t be bothered to put in the effort yourself to read her/his website.
  • Do not ask personal questions. It’s up to the provider whether she/he wants to share personal information with you.
  • Do not correspond on social media publicly as if it is a private message.
  • Do not ask for photos, if the provider has an Onlyfans account you can simply subscribe to it.

My name is Gina Sinclair. I am a professional companion based in Melbourne Australia. I am well-educated, well-mannered and elegant. If you would like to experience dating a lady who is genuine and truly enjoys intimacy. Contact me! Let’s make some special memories together. Gina x

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Gina Sinclair

My name is Gina Sinclair. I am a professional companion based in Melbourne Australia. I am well-educated, well-mannered and elegant. If you would like to experience dating a lady who is genuine and truly enjoys intimacy. Contact me! Let’s make some special memories together. Gina x


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