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Actress, Dancer & Model Ahlex Leyva


Actress, Dancer & Model Ahlex Leyva

I’m Ahlex Leyva, a performing artist residing in Manila, Philippines. I’m a stage and film actress; a dancer and aerialist. I am also a nude art model and I’m an advocate of an anti-colorism movement called “Galaw Morena”.

What inspired you to go into acting and modeling?

It is my long time dream to become an actress and a model. This is something I cannot fully explain. Whenever someone asks me what inspires me or why I pursue Performing Arts, I ended up saying “I do it ‘coz it makes me alive”.

Which is a memorable acting or modeling experience you have had so far?

My most memorable acting experience is probably the one where I am portraying a dual role. One is the protagonist and one is her doppelganger. Everytime I do the scenes of the doppelganger they are covering my face with a faceless mask to make me look scary. And so I had to act with only two and a half senses. I cannot see, I cannot speak and I can only breathe from the small hole on the mask.

Is there something you have always wanted to learn or do but haven’t had the time?

Oh, I am a frustrated singer. Hahahaha! I wish I had those triple threat talents: acting, dancing and singing. So I can finally audition on Broadway and maybe perform in NYC. But yeah, singing is not a God-given talent to me. I think I can learn it someday when time permits.

What food or cuisine do you enjoy most?

I like Asian food. I love all kinds of noodles (hot, cold, dry, etc.) I also like seafood and vegetables. I have an addiction to coffee.

If you could be a superhero or villain, who will you be?

Well, I do not know a lot of superhero or villain characters. But my initial thought is that maybe I can be Wonder Woman. I would like to be an Amazonian.

Would you rather stay in or go out for a date?

Oh, I love going out. It does not need to be an expensive date but I like walking and going to places I’d never been before. I also like museum dates. Hopefully, this pandemic will end soon so we can go out and travel again.

What exciting projects do you have lined up that your fans can look forward to seeing?

Right now, most of my projects will be streamed online. You know, theaters are closed and even dance studios cannot operate well. I do hope you can follow my social media accounts and subscribe to my channel to see my latest works.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Ahlex. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

Sexy is more than just the body. It is how you carry yourself every day. It is how you embrace your flaws and flaunt your beauty. Sexy is an attitude towards life. We can all be sexy on our own terms.

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Images courtesy of Ahlex Leyva

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