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YouTuber & Beauty Blogger Jonalyn


YouTuber & Beauty Blogger Jonalyn

I do have a couple of inspiration about my fashion style. I usually browse Pinterest for some fashion ideas or save some photos of my favorite influencers and try to come up with my own version of that outfit. And my fashion style depends on my mood, sometimes I want to be a woman in heels or a woman in J’s (Air Jordan).

In terms of shopping, I really patronize our local shops here in the Philippines, such as the online shops on Instagram, Shopee and Lazada. Since pandemic, I’ve been a fan of online shopping. But aside from my love for our local shops, I can’t deny my liking with this specific international brand that everyone is going crazy about it, and that’s Shein.

I remember hoarding so many clothes from that brand since I went crazy with all their quality and unique products. But of course we are all looking forward that this pandemic will come to an end, and by then, I would love to buy some pieces from Zara, Mango and start investing on some designer clothes.

Do you follow a regular workout or beauty regime?

This is a very great question, I’m following this program of Pamela Reif, she is a worldwide fitness sensation, she uploads videos on YouTube for her subscribers to follow. And I’m currently following her program, it’s just been a week when I started working that’s why I haven’t seen the results yet physically, but I can say it helps me more with discipline and health.

With beauty regime, I always make sure that I won’t skip my skincare routine at night and my sunscreen in the morning. In a day that I have a lot of time, I can do both of my skincare routine in the morning and at night. I always follow this sequence, ensure that I will be able to wash my face with my cleanser and water, apply the toner, then essential water or oil, moisturizer, sunscreen and serum. At night, I will just replace the sunscreen with sleeping mask and put on some eye cream. 

How is a typical day like for you?

Since I’m working in a corporate world, my weekdays revolve by working nine hours a day, cleaning my pad, taking care of my dog, squeeze in some workout and cook my own meal. So, I would start my day by making my chocolate drink, checking my emails and social media accounts and prepare food. Then workout for 20 to 30 minutes and prepare for going to work. After a long day at the office, I’ll finally go home and clean up my place, take my dog for a walk and take a rest for the entire night.

If you could time travel, what will you like to witness or experience?

If I will be given a chance to travel in the past, I would love to witness the untouched mountains, rivers, oceans, and lands here in the Philippines. I would love to go back to those days.

Have you been in an embarrassing situation before that is funny now when looking back?

I remember way back in 2018, it was my first time working in the corporate world, and I was so nervous to the point that I was so anxious the night before my first day. So the next day while preparing for breakfast and, since it will be a long day for me, I made a coffee for my mother, my cousins and for me so we could talk about how nerve wracking it was for me that in a couple of hours I will be working in one of the biggest insurance company in the United States. So while making coffee for everyone, I put salt instead of sugar and all of us laughed when we had the first sip of our coffee.

Would you rather be able to play every musical instrument or master every type of sport?

I’m a musically inclined person so I would love to learn how to play every musical instrument. Especially the violin, harp, and piano. I would love to play these instruments in a recital. I think this will be an added asset for me since I can sing, so if I would know how to play these instruments, that would be a perfect talent for me, I guess. I’m also a member of a choir in our Parish, so if I will be able to play these instruments during our service, it will be an added harmony to our songs.

What turns you off on a date?

I don’t judge a man during the first date. I always give chances for him to show me what he’s got and what he can do for the relationship. There’s only one thing that would turn me off on a date and that’s if the man thinks so highly of himself, I really hate the type of personality that does the “all talk, no walk”. If that will be displayed during the first date, I’m sure that it will be our last date.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Jonalyn. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

If the person is confident and knows what he/she wants. I find it sexy if the person knows what she got and has a firm decision with what he wants, and he doesn’t want.

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