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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

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How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

Sex is an integral part of any romantic relationship, and while frequent sex can help you bond, sex therapists say that focusing on the quality of your sex life is more important than how often you get intimate. Moreover, sex should be enjoyable, and it should not be something that causes more stress than pleasure. To improve your sex life, you need to explore your sexual desires and try something new, such as new positions or sex toys. Introducing sex toys into the bed room can revitalize your sex life and make it a lot more fun in the long run. If you’re thinking about spicing things up in the bedroom, here’s how to introduce sex toys into your relationship.

Talk about it

If you’ve never used sex toys before, the prospect of using one can be somewhat daunting. However, sex toys have a rich history, with the earliest dildos dating back 30,000 years. At one time they were as viewed to be as essential as food, clothing and water. Today, sex toys are not only used for solo play, but they’re also used to enhance the partnered experience. Many people worry that using sex toys may be offensive to their partner, but keep in mind that toys aren’t going to replace your significant other: nothing can ever replace human contact and intimacy. 

To introduce sex toys into your relationship, talk about it in an open manner. If you’re nervous, try opening the conversation with a neutral statement, such as, “What do you think about trying to use a dildo/vibrator/fleshlight together?” You can also reiterate how you love having sex with your partner and that it might be fun to try something new together. Frame the conversation around your shared pleasure so that using toys won’t seem like a chore or like something that you have to do. 

Get into the specifics

Once both of you are onboard with the idea of using sex toys, talk about what you want to try or how you intend to use them. For instance, women may want to have a more dominant role in the bedroom, and may want to try a strap-on, while men may want to experiment with orgasm delay and use a cock ring. Being specific about what you want to gain from using sex toys can help both of you know what to expect so you’ll have a pleasant experience using them in bed.

Shop for toys together

Part of the fun of introducing sex toys into your relationship is shopping for them. If both of you are shy, you can go online and look for a variety of toys that both of you can use. Just make sure to check the reviews so you’ll know that you’re getting the best toy for your budget. You may also want to add some lube into your virtual cart, especially if you’re buying a sex toy that’s used for penetration.  

Using sex toys can enhance your sexual pleasure, and it can bring the spark back into your sex life. Try these tips to introduce sex toys into your relationship, and have more fun with your partner in bed.   

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