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Tips To Give An Amazing Blowjob

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Tips To Give An Amazing Blowjob

My personal thoughts on blowjobs are that it’s intimate and powerful. It’s still a part of you that you give to someone, and it can also be a fun turn on for both parties. That is if the other party enjoys it. I think there is no in-between, you either love it or hate it.

If done with respect from both and an appreciation, it can be very enjoyable for both parties. Also, it shows off your skills, of your mouth and breathing abilities. LOL especially if deepthroating. 

What Defines A Good Blowjob?

I define how a good blowjob as (how) for me, I do it with my all and with passion and intensity. It’s my escape from reality, my fantasy realm and helps me with stress. I’m not in a hurry, I enjoy every moment like it’s the last one. I am eager to show you my passion of giving you oral. I love to impress. I think in my own experience with my relationships, or even one timers I’ve given them, it drives them crazy.

I have been told it’s like a drug they can’t walk away from. Even after break ups, every last one of them have begged their way back and most of the time, the reason is because I’ve been the only one to give it to them that good and with such a feeling they can’t describe other than addicting and they instantly wanna marry the next day. LOL no joke.

My Favorite Technique

Any favorites on techniques when giving head – BREATHE!! LOL. No I’d say just relax and be confident, and take a break. Don’t rush and my lil secret is, always have visine and cough drops on hand, and baby wipes. All are a must, trust me.

My Preferred Penis Size

I like any size really, and I’ll tell you why. There are some guys that have small dicks and they know how to use them. And then on the other hand, there are guys with big dicks and don’t use them well. Personally, as long as you’ve got skills, it’s not about the size.

But I have enjoyed some big ones, not gonna lie LOL. Now for big ones, you just gotta remain calm and breathe and don’t be afraid to say ouch haha. It actually excites most men LOL. Unless they are self conscioss then don’t scare him out LOL.

Oh don’t forget lube!!

How To Deepthroat Easily

I just simply try and breathe when possible, and take a break if necessary. Get a cough drop, gargle but the main thing is to relax the throat and don’t panic. Don’t tense up and don’t think negatively either.

How I Like Men To Finish

I love when a man finishes up the way he wants as long as it’s not in my eyes as much as possible. Reason why is because just much as I feel like he’s being blessed with a blowjob, I am being blessed to receive his cum where he would like to put it.

Tips To Kink Up Blowjobs

I would say, talk dirty as much as possible and if he has a special name he likes, such as daddy or papi then use it. I also say, look up at him as much as possible and show him you love it.

Get kinky with tricks with the tongue and possibly tease him on his tip. Make sure you lick his balls and under them and look up while doing it. For me, I let things flow, especially with the mood.

Shyla Pinkridinghood – Southern Freaky MILF Adult Creator/Entertainer 

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Shyla PinkRidingHood

Southern Freaky MILF Adult Creator/Entertainer


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