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Is The Male Sex Toy Industry Still Lagging Behind?


Is The Male Sex Toy Industry Still Lagging Behind?

More men, particularly those in couple relationships, are using vibrators to enhance sexual pleasure, as reported in a study on men’s pleasure and satisfaction by Erin Watson and colleagues. Despite the trend, recent research (Shelly Ronen, July, 2020) reveals that some producers of sex toys view women “as sexually purer than men, who are encumbered with tainting lasciviousness.” Ronen’s research has found, for instance, that some manufacturers understand women as ideal customers whose use of sex toys is ‘morally defensible,’ yet they are far less generous with men. Of course, this isn’t the case for all manufacturers, many of which have upped both the variety and quality of toys aimed at men. What features are making dildos the must-have accessory for male consumers from the heterosexual and LGBTIA+ communities?

A Size For All Seasons

Men who enjoy masturbating with dildos often use ‘fleshlight’-style apparatuses that fit over the penis. These days, this type of dildo comes in various sizes to enhance transportability and to take up less space in suitcases, gym bags, and the like. Thus, classic dildos were made to fit over the entire penis. Today, some are shorter and have open ends (rather than a ‘tunnel-like’ structure), providing men with the pleasurable texture of traditional fleshlights while taking up less space. 

Textures And Sights To Surprise

Sex toys these days come in a variety of textures that aim to imitate different parts of the body. Thus, the same apparatus might have two different ‘orifices’ to choose from – one imitating the butt and the other the vagina. These orifices are lined with realistic, skin-like material that can easily be cleaned after use with water-based lubrication. Men are traditionally turned on by visual elements, which is why manufacturers have placed increasingly greater efforts in designing more realistic, appealing toys in skin-like hues, as well as modern, transparent or coloured toys for those who are stimulated by vivid colours. Some dildos are able to be warmed first, to add to the sensation of truly experiencing an encounter with the subject of one’s desire. Within the dildos, sleeves can be kept in or removed for a tighter or more liberating feel.

Influencer Sex Toys

If you are into YouTube, then you have probably noticed that many influencers (including those who do not specialise in sex-related content) are advertising (or are affiliated to) sex toy companies. While simple affiliate marketing is currently the norm, some companies have taken it a step further, naming entire lines after Only Fans stars like Riley Reid or Lana Rhoades. These dildos hold a special appeal for male fans, since they are made out of moulds of the stars’ actual private parts.  

Despite the fact that male dildos have existed for decades, manufacturers still have to catch up in terms of seeing these toys as a normal way to enhance male sexual pleasure. The significantly wider range of toys available for men shows that the industry needs to work hard to knock down stereotypes and connect men with toys that can be liberating in times of stress. The good news for male consumers is that top companies are thinking of ways to connect with their desires by offering a wider range of sizes, more realistic textures, and influencer-modelled toys that can make a man’s fantasies feel more authentic than in the past.

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