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Malaysian Content Creator Pei Hsien


Malaysian Content Creator Pei Hsien

Hi, I am Pei Hsien (but you can call me Pei), from Malaysia! A lil bit about me – I’m a pretty spontaneous, outgoing and adventurous person. I love meeting new people, seeking for new things to do or new things to learn.

Most people that know me call me sunshine (because I’m usually happy go lucky) or hamsap (because I like making dirty jokes lol).

Do you have any hobbies or interests?

I really like making silly, funny videos. You can view them on my Instagram @peiday.

I also really like anything to do with arts and craft such as canvas painting. I recently painted a portrait (I can send over a pic if you want). I love dancing as well. If you ever find me at a club, I’ll be dancing away and pulling you along to join me, haha.

A more expensive hobby would be travelling the world!

What inspires your fashion style?

I usually pick out my outfits by picking colours that I like and look good in (love pastel colours. Sometimes, I get inspiration online, from people like @imjennim – love her style! I also check out online blog shops and pick out trendy outfits that I like.

Which is the best compliment you have received?

I guess when someone said to my boyfriend (now ex), “Wow, you’re really lucky to have her as your girlfriend”. Not sure why they said that, but it was an ego boost haha.

How will you describe a typical day like for yourself?

I wake up feeling like I’m still lacking sleep haha, go to work in my PJs (because of the current Covid-19 WFH situation). The only break I take in between work is when I have my lunch and dinner. I finish my full-time work (social media manager) around 7-8. After my dinner, I continue with my freelance work (content marketing) till around 11. Netflix or read a self-help book and SLEEPING around 12-1.30am!!

For weekends, when I have more time… I meet up with friends, paint, or shoot some videos/ photos to update my IG feed (sometimes for sponsored posts when I get lucky).

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but have yet to find the time for it?

I guess it would be hand painting the walls of a room, but because I don’t really have the time to plan it out…I haven’t gotten started on this.

Another major thing would be to start a blog where I talk about my experiences – relationship advice, self-help and development, thoughts on career paths, etc (talking about life in general to help people feel like they’re not alone).

What turns you off on a date and do you have a bad date experience to share?

A few things haha (you can pick one). I would say ego or bad tempered would be one. I do not like it when someone shows off intentionally. It is not sexy at all.

Or a bad smell! I once sat next to a guy in the cinema. He crossed his leg and his upper feet was facing my direction – I could smell his stinky feet! Had to cover my nose almost throughout the show, LOL kill me.

Or bad hygiene!! I was once on a Tinder date with a guy I met for a few times. He picked me up with a car that was old (the door had problem opening) AND was filled with BIRD POO all over the car. I felt so bad I couldn’t say anything and I stepped right in as he opened the car door for me. After that, I dropped by his place for a while as he needed to pick something up. While waiting, I decided to used his toilet. As I stepped foot inside, I felt the floor was really moist and slippery. It felt really gross (imagine stepping on moss type of slippery)!

Once again, I didn’t learn LOL – I made my way to the toilet bowl and sat down to pee. I looked down and I realised WTF, there were a few brown moist things on the floor. Immediately, I thought they were poo. I went out and quickly asked my date what it was. And he then explained he hasn’t cleaned the toilet for a while and it was moss. SO DAMN NASTY. And yes, safe to say, I never saw him again. HAHA. 

Which flavor best describes you?

Flavour? Not sure what you mean but I guess I would say salty. My name has “Hsien” in it haha, which already sounds like salt in mandarin.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Pei Hsien. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”?

To me, I use sexy when I find someone that’s attractive to me i.e. someone who has substance, is confident (but doesn’t purposely flaunt it), and knows how to handle different situations.

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