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Coming Out As A Sex Worker

Sex Ed

Coming Out As A Sex Worker

My view towards sex is still the shaming of how women ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ use their bodies, like for instance, having people think it’s acceptable to so easily say it’s morally, ethically or not ‘ladylike’ of one another when they are probably going home with someone for a one off night. Slut-shaming is still so in the norm that we as women don’t feel as if we have a say over ‘our’ body’, drastically getting bullied for something we have chosen consensually to do.

I lost my virginity quite late, it was a few weeks before my 18th birthday which was very behind a lot of people. Growing up, I was very much the late bloomer and a bit nerdy/awkward. I grew up with loving and supportive parents, private school education and security, So it has nothing to do with my upbringing but still people expected a different me and was shocked that I was engaging in such an act that I simply enjoy and know that it is one of the most natural things a human being experiences. This is my body, my decision, and I have complete control over myself.

The amazing diversity of my job, how much I feel empowered by my work, and that it has allowed me to truly be confident within my own skin. I know that I have respect and love for myself and stigma does not effect my drive to not be ashamed.

Coming Out To Family & Friends

It was just more beneficial for me not to keep it a secret anymore. My parents had suspicions of what I was doing. I went eight months without telling anyone but my sister and it was hard and isolating. Sadly, my sister passed away two months after I started. So I was alone for a bit, balancing a double life. People questioned me about it regularly. They would ask me about what it’s like. I love to educate people, any questions I’m open to speak freely. I’ve opened peoples’ minds to respect and appreciate people in the independent industry.

I absolutely love to support and help those who are in the industry or just starting, because a mentor would have really helped me in the past. So I’ve experienced the highs and lows and everything in between. Essentially, my parents are not happy about it but they accept it to a point. Mostly because they do not understand the industry and try to dismiss the topic. Very common for generation clashes.

When I told my friends, most of them were pretty open-minded about it, but I have lost a couple of long time friends from me telling them. And I’ve really learnt who my true friends are and who deserves my energy and love. I just knew they would judge me to start with. I in fact prepared myself for it. There’s so much discrimination surrounding sex workers in the general community: I expected my family and friends to view me that way too. People not exposed to people in our industry generally don’t understand the difference between a prostitute (the oldest profession) and a high class independent escort.

Being An Elite Escort

The elite escort of today showcases what I feel is one of the most beautiful profession of all, and the industrious business woman behind it.

Sex work not only performed its required function of paying my bills and clearing my debt, it broadened my horizons and introduced me to the kind of life I would wish any woman to have in her early adult years; one of curiosity and experimentation, of financial ease, of obstacles, of discovery and intimacy and adventure. Something out of the 9-5 job.

I started into this business almost two years ago and I entered completely blind sighted. It’s much easier to think this is an industry full of people who are damaged or funding a drug addiction and there is that sad side to it. But there are also smart, intelligent women who choose to do this. People dismiss the topic of sex from how they have had engraved in their minds, so why does sex work cause such a big outrage?

Choosing escorting as a career is undeniably a savage business decision. Women are becoming more and more independent and want to live life on their terms. I find it empowering and possibly one of the most feminist decisions a women could do in taking control of their bodies.

If a woman decides to enter the world of escorting to exploit her natural gifts, that will in turn give her ultimate freedom, by choosing when to work and with whom. Then I fully support these women. Sex workers are perceived as uniquely incapable of this professional requirement, but it’s actually sex workers who “often have the most deeply honed in knowledge and practice of ethical principles, such as boundaries and confidentiality, of any profession”. Not only wrongful discrimination but a great loss to the profession.

As a supporter of sex workers, you might think sex work offers a vital service to, for instance, disabled clients. For the women who do it including myself, it is a fun and empowering part of work. You might then think that sex work should be celebrated, normalised as an integral part of any healthy, functioning society.

I appreciate and genuinely love sharing such special connections, This work has truly opened my mind and made me grow as a strong women, which I wouldn’t change for anything. My decision to start this profession was the pure desire to be able to engage in spiritual connections and mental stimulation, which as human beings we crave.

Marley is a young Luxury independent companion based in Melbourne, Australia. This soul healing, adventurous vixen model escort is always exploring and experiencing the wonders of being in the sex industry. Having a liking to   travelling, refined cuisine and intellectual conversations.

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Marley May

Marley is a young Luxury independent companion based in Melbourne, Australia. This soul healing, adventurous vixen model escort is always exploring and experiencing the wonders of being in the sex industry. Having a liking to travelling, refined cuisine and intellectual conversations.


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