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Why I’m Proud To Be In Sex Work (Part II)

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Why I’m Proud To Be In Sex Work (Part II)

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To me as a SW, It is important to look past peoples’ flaws, and to cater to their needs. If someone is disrespectful or totally unpleasant, I will simply not see him again. If he is respectful and caring, that is all that matters to me.

You are not gonna get along or have chemistry with everybody and not everyone is gonna like you but that is okay too.  Not everyone is going to be a repeated client, and that is ok too. I think if I meet someone where it doesn’t click, or if it gets uncomfortable I try to lighten things up with a small gesture, initiate contact, take their hands, and place them on me. At the end of the day, they pay for your services, they crave your body, and your pleasure, it does not really matter if you get along or not, as long as they are respectful. If they are not respectful or totally unpleasant, I will either tell them to leave or block them after our meeting to prevent them from contacting me again. To avoid such situations, I usually only see clients that are 30 or older and I try to read them through their initial communication with me, but sometimes it is not enough, and you are gonna come across people that you cannot stand.

I had people making me extremely uncomfortable. I can give examples, some men I have experienced focus on what they expect from you instead of focusing on you. “Call me daddy, when you first open the door, hug me, take me to the bedroom and bend over.” I mean that might sound sexy coming from a boyfriend, but with a client that you meet for the first time, it takes time to get comfortable and it is totally out of place to behave like this.

I am shocked to hear from some of them. ”Pardon me? I am not a sexual robot, I am a person with feelings that you are supposed to be considerate towards to make this an enjoyable experience” I want clients that are trying to get to know me because they first liked my profile and description. I will refuse any immature clients that see me solely for my body and treat me like I am not a women with feelings too. It really takes two people to make a sexual or any experience enjoyable. Men with this attitude will never please any women.

Some will tell you how to behave in the bedroom, it is such a turn off for me because the whole beauty of sexuality is to be 100% yourself even it can get weird or gross, it does not matter as long as it is enjoyable for you and in accordance with the provider rules. I also do not like when men ask me what I like while we are at it. I mean it is totally respectful and a normal behavior to wonder if the other person likes it or not, but I would rather have me tell them or them trying it on me. Just go for it and if I don’t like it, I will say so. I think every women likes a men that can be confident, is in charge and expresses his own desires without asking how it is done even if it is not done perfectly. And the same goes for women. I think the biggest turn on for everybody, is a person that is fully herself and doing what makes him/her enjoying himself/herself while being considerate of the other persons’ pleasure of course.

Some will mention their wife to me, that is something that I hate. “Let me talk to you later, I am with my wife right now.” It is ok to mention it or discreetly let me know but sometimes it gets too much. I am a woman, and like any other women, I like to feel special, and feel respected and your first contact and communication with me will greatly change how I feel about you and how much I will enjoy our experience.

But again, every service worker is different and their style and type of services is also different. I would rather provide a girlfriend experience, but I am always open to different requests and trying new things and fetishes with a client that likes me. It is not always the action itself that I like or not, that turns me on or off, but the connection I have with the men that I meet.

Why I’m Proud To Be A Sex Worker

I would say that I am proud to talk and to be open about it because it shows how confident I am as a person. A lot of people rely on other peoples’ opinions to make their own, but I think we should rely on ourselves and on who we are, on how we feel and on what makes us truly happy. It reminds me everyday to never ever let someone bring me down for what I do or any decision I make, no matter what the majority of people think, it reminds me everyday how important it is to stand for yourself even if you are standing alone. And not a lot of people understands that. It takes a lot of wisdom and courage.

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