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Can Steroids Affect Your Sexual Performance?

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Can Steroids Affect Your Sexual Performance?

While men might choose to lift weights and get chiseled for all kinds of reasons, many people pursue this goal to attract a mate (or impress their escort, for those who prefer using escort services). Rippling muscles are normally considered attractive, so it’s reasonable to expect that a regular workout routine could help improve a man’s sexual performance.

If you enhance your workouts with steroids, however, you might experience some awful effects that would undermine your sexual performance.

Steroids are positive in that it increases muscle mass, muscle definition, and strength. It also enhances the effectiveness of training, besides improving the recovery rate.

Unfortunately, the extensive side effects far outweigh the benefits, which makes it a poor choice in general. The side effects include erectile dysfunction, reduced sperm count, breast development (in men), baldness, and increased risk of heart disease.

How Steroids Affect Your Sexual Performance

Anabolic steroids are drugs used to build muscle mass and reduce body fat. It requires a doctor’s prescription, and doctors use these steroids to treat various medical conditions, such as muscle-wasting conditions associated with AIDs, delayed puberty, and loss of testicular function.

There’s no evidence that using steroids as recommended by your doctor is harmful if you are healthy. Short-term steroid use has been known to boost sex drive in some instances, but ongoing abuse of steroids may have a negative effect not only on your sex life but on your overall health, as well.

Pumping your body full of chemicals may cause the muscles to expand. It also increases your feelings of power or strength. The body might interpret these signals with alarm, though, working hard to correct what it sees as an imbalance in the system.

The results are often the following:

  • Your body will start producing lower levels of male hormones
  • Hormone receptors that regulate male function will be turned off
  • Your body’s cells may release compensatory chemicals, including chemicals that promote feminine characteristics

The above processes wreak havoc on your sex drive. It’s common for men who abuse steroids to experience periods in which sex drive takes a dive—some of these men struggle to attain a climax when having sex, too.

Other men experience reduced sensitivity when using high doses of certain steroid medications. Also noteworthy is that the use of steroids can harm your fertility by interfering with hormone signals that stimulate sperm production.

The level of damage to your fertility depends largely on the type of steroids, the dosage, as well as how long you take these substances. Research shows that most men restore healthy sperm production in three to twelve months after they stop using steroids.

Should You Continue Using Steroids?

Thanks to the strong detrimental effects of steroids on sexual performance, male fertility, and other health issues associated with these substances, it advisable to avoid using these types of medication.

Otherwise, you might find that your penis is less sensitive, and your body is moving against your natural masculinity. Recovering from the condition might mean giving up the steroids and investing in better health going forward.

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