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Misconceptions About Sex Work

Sex Ed

Misconceptions About Sex Work

My general views towards sex…Are that women and girls get “morally bullied” into a set of so called guidelines that men are not made to adhere to. I believe (and by the way I am Christian, but liberal), I believe that sex between adults and consensual sex is a matter of choice and should be enjoyed without hangups imposed by others.

I do as a parent still believe in my daughter and sons at least having their first time with someone they love …but I am not overly obsessed with them being married to enjoy it.

Have fun but be responsible.

(sidenote I am also TRULY bisexual, so yes I am very sexually open and liberal.. Hence my occupation haha)

What I Love About Sex Work

I was always pretty sexually open once I lost my virginity. Not so much in the regard to the amount of partners but just different sexual things and experiences. I used to have probably more random sex after my first two serious heartaches between ages of 17-19 than I did my first year of escorting. (being honest). I chilled, had kids, (two before marriage and one during and two more after), then when we split because of my affair with a woman I was working CNA work and realized if and when I needed an attorney, I’d need real money. So I decided to cash in on my sexuality, looks and intelligence.

I began practicing S.T.O.P





What I enjoy most about sex work is that I get to make my own schedule, have more time for being a Mom (even if at times my kids don’t think so). They were too young to remember the 16 hour nursing shifts and me LITERALLY never being home.

Also just the fact that I don’t have to stand on my back, punishing my body to make per day what I can make per hour. I should note though that after 18 years in the industry and after Fosta/Sesta, I am semi-retired.

My main business these days is the Web Design and Assistant Business that allows me to make a living and to also help other sex workers grow and become the best they can be.

How The Sex Industry Is Like

I think this question is one that is going to vary based on experience. I came in at 31 years old and from a little more than average childhood with no real serious history of abuse, or drugs etc.  I was privileged in that regard. But I have at times found myself in hell and struggling. It’s like life, there are ebbs and flows.

I think for me overall (other than two arrests and one sexual assault…just without the beating) I have had a kinder career than most. But I also think that my personality and the way I simply let folks know I will NOT take anyone’s BS has kept me somewhat safe from the real crazies. But I will say this…this industry demands thick skin. A lot of girls come into it and think it’s all fancy lingerie, and fun, and trips.  They forget the long hours of admin work, the marketing, the funds to cover ad costs. They don’t consider the dangers of it. While most trafficking stories are propaganda to push political agendas, there are also REAL victims. (That’s another topic, for another time) but yes sex work is dangerous, risky hard work.

I am fortunate that I have been able to live “out” so therefore people cannot out me, but they have tried. But for many, sex work is a lonely life. No matter how great they try to make their lives look on social media. It’s lonely if you don’t have anyone to talk to and who won’t judge you. So many live with the fear of being found out, with being scared to embark on love and life.

I guess to sum it up…Sex work has plenty of PROS but beware of underestimating its cons.

Overall I’d say for me, I don’t regret a moment of it. It helped me grow, become stronger and to a point where I now own two businesses of my own that allows me to help others.

Frustrating Misconceptions About Sex Work

OMG, mainly these two..

We are all trafficked, all of us are victims whether we know it or not they say.

I am not a victim, I made a choice. My choice was to profit off something that’s absolutely natural. Men may not like this point of view…but even your wife, your girlfriend expects you to support her. Even if she has her own money…she expects it. If you don’t do those things, she puts you on the couch!  When men take a civvie girl out to dinner and they pay for dinner or buy her an outfit, they do it in hopes of getting laid either that day or in the future. All relationships to some degree are business.

This way, it’s all out in the open. In other words, no matter what TV and news want you to believe, we are not all victims.

The idea that sex workers are full of disease and that no one would be married to us, or in relationships with us..

This is crazy…If you liked it enough to pay for it, you better believe someone will fall in love with us.

We are human beings, with human needs just like anyone else. I have an 11 year life partner, who’s also my co-web designer.  I have kids, hell, I have grandkids. I am a real person…We all are.

As for the disease stuff…Look people, our bodies are how we make our money. That means it’s even more important for us to stay clean and to protect our reputations and to not cause harm to anyone else. We don’t want your wife or whoever to get sick. We’re a much safer bet than the random hookup online. We are tested often and most of us, (I cannot speak for everyone) practice safe sex.

Are There Ways To Prevent Such Misconceptions?

I don’t know. I myself have been advocating, blogging and trying to get men and women to view us differently for YEARS.  The problem is that people forget there is strength in numbers. More people should be sharing their REAL life stories. The human side of them, not just the character.

They portray. If we want the world to remember we are people just like them, we have to push that narrative. We have to be seen and heard.  We need to take away the terms “Prostitute” and make the world acknowledge that sex work is WORK. I know some think using that term or the term “Hoe” gives us some power. I disagree, they are terms made up by men and prudish women.  We are workers, we work the sex industry..and we deserve to be called a title that is respectful.

Stop letting men call you things that are derogatory. Stop letting review culture define what and who you are as a companion etc.

Have a voice, share your stories and educate the masses…Let them know what we really do. Let them know it’s not all lingerie, sex and B.J’s.

What To Be Prepared For Prior To Being A Sex Worker

That there will be slow periods. Years ago when I started in 2001…Yes we made boat loads, but the atmosphere was different. We didn’t have to screen hard etc. We kinda just posted, got cute and worked. I always had a site and operated like a real business, but honestly back then…you didn’t have to. NOW you really have to!

Know that both the men and other sex workers can and will be great to you, but they can also be cruel as fuck to you. Be ready for it and learn to shake it off and keep making your coins.

Don’t be paranoid or self sabotage by over thinking things. Scared money doesn’t make money.

Yes, you must screen and operate with CAUTION, but not fear.

When it’s tough work on your marketing, see what you can do better. Don’t throw in the towel instantly. But if you or your family are doing bad and it’s losing your home etc…find a way to have a second gig to make your ends. Lots of sex workers can no longer survive off sex work alone.

Seductive Storm – I am a 49 yr old VIP BBW Escort. I am located in the Atlanta area but do travel as well. I am the perfect date for the man who craves more than the usual bedroom only date.

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I also am still providing escort services myself as well. I plan on visiting Chicago , DC (I’m from the Baltimore/DC area originally) and other places.

I am always available for Fly Me To you.

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Seductive Storm

I am Seductive Storm. I am a 49 year old VIP BBW Escort. I am located in the Atlanta area but do travel as well. I am the perfect date for the man who craves more than the usual bedroom only date.


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