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The Role Of Companionship In Modern Society

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The Role Of Companionship In Modern Society

Companionship is turning out to be quite the hot button topic in the 21st century. The word has the ability to take on numerous different meanings and implicates a variety of occupations. Escorts are increasingly referring to themselves as companions as this summation accurately embodies our role in modern society. Utilizing new terminology enables us to reclaim and clarify our value in society while also warding off the lingering stigma associated with being a sex worker.

People are increasingly seeking companionship whether it be in one industry or another to regain a feeling of connection to others in our modernized world. Whether it be for a few hours, an evening, or more and whether it be classified as this, that, or the other. The rise of arrangements, escorts, and other forms of companionship are proof that there is a growing need for access to intimate relationships offering less pressure and commitment than the traditional models.

It is really up to the consumer to define the companionship they seek based on comfort levels and preference, but they are all essentially the same activity with different labels. Companionship is immensely beneficial for mental health when untaken with the right individuals under the right circumstances. It is definitely in the running for the prize of one of the best forms of self-care available. Escorts are just one way of obtaining companionship while therapists, masseuses, active social circles, cuddle buddies, virtual relationships, and domesticated pets are all others.

Companionship offers connection, and ultimately it focuses on tapping into love in the world by sharing it with another. When considered from an in-depth philosophical stand-point it makes little sense to stigmatize one form of companionship over another simply due to the nature of the intimacy. The most beautiful part of companionship is that anyone can be a companion. Everyone possesses a fundamental desire to feel connected to the world and be loved by its fellow inhabitants.

What I Love About Providing Companionship As An Escort

For me, what makes escorting so enticing will always be the freedom and connection. The freedom to make my own schedule, work with who I please, abide by my own code of conduct, be responsible for my own successes and failures, and of course the freedom the finances provide for me to utilize my free time on other aspirations. Of course, I am very lucky to meet such amazingly intellectual people I would otherwise never get the chance to be face to face with.

I am also quite addicted to the spontaneity this occupation provides, clients and I share a dirty little hedonistic secret together as it is still taboo in our society which can add to fun. There is a kind of adrenaline rush from not being in an office all day and enjoying life’s intimate pleasures with people finally being their authentic selves. It is infinitely cool to see people finally be themselves because there is no expectation of who they have to be, and they don’t need to impress me. I don’t need any client to be anything apart from respectful. They can be themselves with no added pressure and finally express their genuine desires and personalities.

It is the epitome of a safe space allowing them to focus mainly on their own enjoyment for once. This results in a re-connection to their authentic selves and feelings of happiness. Escorting presents as one of the realest industries in a world full of fake industries hinting at things and not actually saying what they mean. People are finally themselves which is tremendously refreshing.

Common Reasons For Seeking Companionship

To be honest, a lot of clients are married individuals that feel one person cannot fulfill all the love and connection they need in life. Companions offer a supplement to what’s lacking in a way that makes them happier in their relationships at home and in their day-to-day lives. Escorts are simply one version of companionship that allows them to retain their personal identities and meet their individualized needs. It is another form of seeking out a professional to cater to your personal needs. Clients are not individuals seeking out a new relationship.

Companionship means a feeling of fellowship or friendship. Seeing a companion caters to a fundamental need, being an escort is an extension of being a friend. Intimacy is often the first thing to be deprioritized as it is not essential to someone’s functionality. And yet, intimacy is the source of most of our overall happiness. Intimacy isn’t a requirement of survival so it is often neglected. That intimacy is what can be most effective and beneficial to someone’s mental health because it is the epitome of sharing love and acceptance in the world.

Companionship is fundamental because feeling a connection to others in life is fundamental. If people just wanted to have intimate fun, they could do that alone. Seeing a companion must then be providing something extra that benefits their mental health.

What Should One Know Before Being An Escort?

Being an escort requires a lot of behind the scenes work, it is easily a full-time occupation even for those attempting part-time work. Escorts must be able to mould themselves into whatever sculpture a client needs when they arrive. It entails a lot of resilience, confidence, and time management skills. Be aware that there is a large majority of the population that will not respect your decisions and the laws in place in this industry are not conducive to it being the safest it could be.

I think the image portrayed of who an escort is is still wildly misunderstood and mischaracterized as a result of their depiction in media and literature over centuries. Anyone can be an escort.

I really wanted to showcase how many amazing people are in this industry while attempting to shed light on the ways companionship is being inappropriately undertaken in a way that exploits vulnerable or misinformed people. Misinformation about the escorting industry still seems to reign supreme. I couldn’t think of a better way to let the industry speak for itself than to create a podcast to act as a platform for these extraordinary individuals and the people that hire them to share their experiences and what they’ve learnt.

If you’d like to hear firsthand accounts from escorts and clients in the industry, I would recommend tuning in to hear what they have to say on the podcast. It all starts with a willingness to hear the differing sides of the story from the people actually working in and benefiting from the industry.

Sienna Hunter – Luxury companion based in Toronto, Canada. I am a slender, athletic, passionate little go-getter in my mid-twenties. I relish being a companion and the endless opportunities and forms of beauty it presents. I am fond of delving a little deeper into the most enjoyable facets of life with whomever needs a little break from the repetition of daily routines.

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Sienna Hunter

I am Sienna Hunter, a luxury companion based in Toronto, Canada. I am a slender, athletic, passionate little go-getter in my mid-twenties. I relish being a companion and the endless opportunities and forms of beauty it presents. I am fond of delving a little deeper into the most enjoyable facets of life with whomever needs a little break from the repetition of daily routines.


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