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How To Keep Escort Liaisons & Affairs Discreet Part I

Sex Ed

How To Keep Escort Liaisons & Affairs Discreet Part I

The sex industry is a fascinating subject.  Why?  Because it is in a constant state of winding in and out of everyone’s lives daily. From the porn industry, to the happy ending message parlor.   The sex industry doesn’t just exist quietly.  It is millions of shadows pacing down the street unnoticed.  Defiantly tucked in the corner of your eyes.

I don’t just view sex work as work.  It’s therapy, liberation, and a fantasy escape.  For both client and SWer.   Much like any job you might endeavor, it can be amazing, or daunting.  Some, will find their ‘best life’ in SW, others will hate it but remain just for the financial freedom it provides.  Contrary to what the world will have you believe, that is common for any job, occupation, or career, out there.  The negatives touted about the industry are the same negatives you will find elsewhere in other occupations.  Unlike most others occupations,  You can pick and choose the jobs that are comfortable for you.  You have the liberty to take the occupational role and tweet it to fit your own needs and comfort levels.  Essentially, it feels as if someone has handed you the wheel to drive your own life.

Just beneath the surface of your everyday life, lives another world.  When the rest of the world hears “sex worker” they immediately imagine, short skirts, and disease riddled street walkers.  Only, this second world is vast and filled with so very much more.  Web performers, dancers, porn actresses/actors, and even professional cuddlers.  It is it’s own fully diverse society.

I love SW.  I enjoy it from both perspectives, inside and out.  In sex work, I found the control and freedom I desperately needed.  A balm to a past life I barely remember anymore.

Diversity Of Clients

Clients stem from all walks of life.  Rich, poor, charismatic, socially impaired, the clients are as diverse as the escorts themselves.  It’s not just men that employ escorts, either.  You will find women and couples enjoying the luxury of an escort.  Lawyers, doctors, politicians, truck drivers, accountants, and even teachers.  The type of people that employ escorts essentially boils down to two types.  The thrill seekers, and those that are missing something.   Companionship, intimacy, and even safe sexual exploration.

Reasons Men Engage Escorts

Most are looking for something beyond sex.  Don’t get me wrong, they want sex too, but it’s not the primary hole they are trying to fill.  Pun absolutely intended.  It’s the intimacy, being close to another human being.  Some don’t even know why they find themselves on the path looking for an escort.

  • They are lonely. Sometimes, the spouse passes, there is a big breakup, or the client simply has a difficult time attracting a long term mate.
  • They fear rejection. With an escort, they can practice courting, intimacy, and socializing, without fear of direct rejection.
  • Lost passion. They love their spouses, but the passion has turned to more of a best friend situation.  Their spouses have long since stopped the rampant intimacy that had been there at the beginning.  So instead of an affair, they find a professional.
  • Unique or judged sexual preferences. Sometimes the client wants to explore something that they fear their spouse, or partner, will reject.  I have several clients that enjoy dressing up as women, for example.  Others that want to explore their fantasies without hurting or upsetting their partners.
  • Human beings commit to monogamy because they feel obliged to do so. There is a insurmountable amount of evidence that theorizes and proves human beings are not meant to be monogamous sexually.  A trip to the psychology section of your local library or book store will happily delve deeper into this subject.

I could go on and on and on.  The reasons people see escorts is as varied as the reasons people enjoy art or music.

Jaycee Rivers – Just another passionate geek feeding my insatiable appetites.  There is nothing more interesting in the world besides fascinating people, and a good book.

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Jaycee Rivers

Just another passionate geek feeding my insatiable appetites. There is nothing more interesting in the world besides fascinating people, and a good book.


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