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What It Takes To Have Amazing Sex

Sex Ed

What It Takes To Have Amazing Sex

Mmmm first the persons’ got to have a good personality, has got to be funny, and have a unique smell about them that drives you wild. Plus be affectionate and lastly, communicate with each other

When 6 things are in play…you’re staring deep into the females eyes kissing, touching, biting softly on the neck and breasts. Until she is extremely wet and ready for the penis! Now you know she’s about to have some amazing sex and fellas, after the hours of pleasure, when she smiles at the end, you did your job.

What I Love About Sex

My personal thoughts towards sex. First I love having sex and having chemistry is a must when meeting a female.

It all depends on how she looks…face, body, and character…and thinking to myself if she can suck dick!!  Can she handle a dick,  should I tell her what I do for a living. Let me just give her the business and if the sex is worth it, I’ll tell her. I hope the pussy has a excellent aroma. I hope her breath doesn’t stink, as that will kill the mood but if all is good, it’s about to be a fabulous night. #Salute

Chemistry Is Key To An Amazing Experience

Like I said, having chemistry is a must when two people are into each other Every touch, every kiss perfectly on point. When caressing and you feel goosebumps all over, you know you’re doing the right thing. Your penis gets hard, her pussy is moist and you are on the right track.

At this point in sex it’s all about how you stroke the pussy, hitting all the rights spots. It’s not about going rough, or slow. She will tell you what she wants, how her hands are positioned on your back or your butt if she will hold (that means she loves the motion right at this moment) or your butt (that means she wants more penis or no hands) that means she want you to take control and go all in giving her that. #Majorwork  #Salute

Most Memorable Sexual Experience

Wow…my most memorable will be with the Legendary Sara Jay. I was young growing up and she was one of my favorite stars to watch, every weekend after work, and I was a Bartender at a local place in Philadelphia. Watching her perform made me want to get in the business, that hopefully one day it would be me on set with her and that day finally came!

After a few years of going to Exxxotica, I finally met her and she was always smiling but it was always about her business. I would always come over and say hi, take a pic and just leave, never wanting to crowed her space plus she always had this big bodyguard with her at all times and his name was Will. Man he looked mean. I tried to make him smile but nothing worked so I kept it moving.

When I went to #Exxxotica in Chicago, that’s when all the magic happened. I walk over like I always do, said hi and took a pic. Before walking away, she said, “How would you like to work with me?”

I said, “You’re pulling my leg right?” It got to be a joke! Three years in and she picks me. I was like yes, I would love to.. before she asked if I was #TalentTested. I already had my papers out showing her the dates, it was updated and she said 10am tomorrow morning.  I couldn’t even sleep all night thinking what kind of position I was going to do on her… from head to toe.

At the time I was partners with #MidwestRawEnt that rented out a massive suite for the #Exxxotica weekend! I woke up early that morning, ate breakfast, worked out, and stroking and talking to my penis like this is your day, be yourself and give her that #Majorwork.

When she walked, in she was wearing all red. Her body was banging and it got me blushing on the inside. I was waiting for this special day to happen and it did. I licked her from head to toe, like I said I was going to do, the shoot was a success and she booked me again and again.  

And why because from me knowing her as a talent, she’s not just an adult performer. She’s a good person, has a big heart and from being my friend and now becoming my manager, it was all worth it at the end. Wow only if I knew this was the path that led me to #Victory with #WydeSydeProduction . #Salute

Things Men Don’t Get During Sex

Fellas, when a female gripes about you during sex, that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes, guys just don’t know what they are working with. If you’re average, it could be good. She grips your back, tetting you know she is enjoying herself but if you have a big penis and she’s gripping your back putting fingernails in it, it could be bad.

It might be too much for her but she’s enjoying the sex overall so just don’t put too much in all at once. Work her into it so she can enjoy it, Remember, it all depends on where her hands are positioned on your body. Fellas, some females love kissing and if you know how to kiss, or if you can’t kiss, let her know. She might teach you and when a female says stop or slow down, listen to her. So she knows she is in good hands. Don’t be an asshole, be a pleaser.

Spicing Sex Up & Making It Kinkier

Now for me, I’m a 9 1/2, not too small and not too big. I’m just the perfect size to hit all the right spots and all the right angles.

It’s always good to change up your style for both men and women to give your partners a different look every few months. Never stay the same, try new fragrances, new hairstyles, new lingerie.

Being kinky is being spontaneous and like me I’m always trying out new things. Fucking all over the house, the kitchen and the laundry room is always good fantasy. Gag her mouth, tie her up or to a bed…eat her pussy until she can’t cum no more. Tease her with your penis… like 50 Shades of Grey (Excellent movie if you need more tips!). There’s so many ways you can be naughty to please your mate.

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