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How You Can Benefit From Tantra


How You Can Benefit From Tantra

Tantra has been my greatest teacher. It has let me know I’m allowed to be all of who I am… the sweet and tender lover, the sultry and devilish vixen, the vibrant life of the party, and even at times the somber lone wolf. I have learned that life feels so much better when we act with love, love for ourselves and for everyone we come in contact with.

How I Got Interested In Tantra

I have a deep love for connection, but found a consistent problem in my life was that I would often feel drained. I have always been able to sense energy and I thought perhaps there was a way to fix this so I could maintain not only being productive, but also uniquely radiant and giving. Upon looking for an exotic getaway I stumbled upon “Tantra Retreats” promising to do exactly what I was hoping! I went to a 4 hour workshop here in my own city and walked out feeling more alive than I could remember. I was hooked and I can’t stop being grateful.

Does Tantra Improve One’s Sex Life?

Yes, in any way that you need it improved. It teaches you how to love yourself more, give into your wild, carnal self, how to bond deeper with others, and I would say the most important, all encompassing lesson is to start seeing everything as sacred, taking your time, and appreciating all your senses. Therefore it’s inevitable for your sex life to improve, but your life overall is also extremely improved.

Misconceptions About Tantra & Tantric Sex

Absolutely! I would say most people think Tantra is all and only about sex. Not even including sexuality as in how we perceive the world, but simply the act of having sex. That idea strips away Tantra’s power, trying to minimize it into mere sex techniques.

Tantra is a spiritual path that integrates sexuality into the wholeness of human experience. It is a way of seeing life. Tantra not only helps those who are looking to ignite their passion BUT ALSO those who struggle with sex addiction for example. Tantra is about circulating our energy so we are balanced human beings and about feeling fulfilled internally so you act only out of true integrity and your highest desire.

Oh… and it’s not essential in Tantra to hold your orgasm for like 7 hours. The whole point of holding orgasm is to build the energy and to not be goal oriented, that’s all 😉

Tips To Introduce Tantra To Beginners

People seem to be afraid of what they don’t know and can assume Tantra is too much hard work than is worth, but I have found Tantra to make massive changes even by making the smallest adjustments in your lifestyle. I would say the simplest, but possibly most important thing is to fill your space with things that arouse the senses – each sense.

So, for example: incense, music, chocolates, erotic art that moves you, and fabrics on the bed, couch, and/or yourself that make you feel decadent. Smother yourself in comfort and lusciousness as often as you can in your life, in whatever way you want it be like. Don’t only create the setup, but actually take the time to appreciate.

The second most important tip I can give is to enhance your eye contact. Make sure to consciously soften your gaze and share a soft smile so that your eye contact comes off inviting versus intimidating, but you would be amazed how more eye contact in your relationships can bring a quiet romantic feeling that’s cherished.

Lastly I will say if you want to learn more about Tantra right now while sitting at your computer ~ go to YouTube and look up Layla Martin 😉

Colette Deevon – A Professional Lover & Student of Sacred Sexuality. Caring Companion with Hopes of Changing the World and YOUR Sex Life.
Los Angeles Based ~ World Traveler

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I’m in an Advanced Tantra Teacher Training this year to become qualified to hold full Workshops & Lavish Erotic Retreats for adventurous singles & couples (whether you want to come with your favorite companion or your committed partner). You can find out more about my vision on a website I made ( explaining the program and my future goals or you can also go straight to donate at my GoFundMe Page to help contribute to my high, but worthy, tuition.
Also! I will be in NYC November 5-9th, 2018 and would love to see if you will be in the city on those dates as well. Be in touch 😉
Much love  xoxox

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Colette Deevon

A Professional Lover & Student of Sacred Sexuality Caring Companion with Hopes of Changing the World and YOUR Sex Life Los Angeles Based ~ World Traveler


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