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Hong Kong Model Janice Jim


Hong Kong Model Janice Jim

Hi, I am Janice, 24 years old this year and from Hong Kong. I love Korean culture, dancing, watching movies, sports and am also a model.

你好, 我叫Janice, 今年24歲, 是個熱愛韓國文化的香港女生, 平常喜歡跳舞, 看電影, 運動等等, 現在是一名模特兒

What do you enjoy most about modeling?

It is most interesting when there is exposure to a lot of different roles to shoot. You can play a teacher today, or an athlete the next, followed by an office lady, which you can’t do in other professions.

我覺得當一名模特兒, 最有趣的時候, 是拍攝時可以嘗試很多不同的角色, 今天是老師, 明天是運動選手, 後天是OL, 這是其他職業不能辦到的

Where do you like to shop from?

For clothes and jewellery, I will go to South Korea to buy, and shop online too!

衣服, 首飾等 我大多是去韓國買的, 還有就是網購!

Do you have any hobbies?

I love sports, watching movies, dancing and eating. Eating delicious food makes me feel satisfied and relieves stress.

我喜歡運動, 看電影跟跳舞, 還有也很愛吃. 吃到好吃的食物, 會讓我覺得很滿足, 也可以舒緩壓力

What kind of food do you love?

I like to eat meat very much, although it is not very friendly but I can’t quit eating. And I love desserts too. In fact, I love to eat anything, haha.

我很喜歡吃肉, 雖然很不環保, 可是肉實在是戒不了….

我也很喜歡吃甜點, 其實什麼都愛吃, 哈哈

If you were to describe yourself as a flavor, which will it be?

I think it will be sweet as a lot of people say that my smile is sweet? They say that it helps make them feel a sense of healing which I don’t even realise. Eating desserts also gives me a feeling of healing, so I guess it should be sweet?

我覺得是甜吧, 很多人說我笑起來很甜? 說看到我的笑容, 有療癒的感覺, 我自己也不太知道, 吃甜點也會給我有療癒的感覺, 所以應該是甜的?

Have you experienced a funny or embarrassing moment before?

I remembered when I was volunteering in a school, and while teaching halfway, there was a commotion among the students, they began to whisper to each other and started laughing. I told them to stop and a student suddenly came up to me told me that my zipper was down. I ran to the bathroom and found that it was broken and couldn’t be fixed. So I wore a coat and went back to class and pretended that nothing happened. It was really embarrassing…

我很記得有一次, 我去某一間學校去當義工, 教小朋友, 教到一半, 他們突然吵了起來, 低聲說,大聲笑的, 我就叫他們不要吵, 突然有一個女生走出來, 在我耳邊說, 老師你沒有拉褲鏈, 我立刻跑去洗手間, 發覺我的拉鍊壞了, 怎麼拉也拉不上, 最後只好用外套蓋住, 回去時, 還若無其事的, 繼續上課, 還真丟臉啊….

What turns you off on a date?

I have had dates who talked about themselves, how tough it was and I would sit quietly, nod my head and wishing to go home as soon as possible. I feel that confidence is not a bad thing but too much feels like arrogance.

我有遇過男生在吃飯途中, 一直在聊他自己的事, 運動有多厲害, 讀書考第一, 我只好默默在旁邊, 一直點頭, 心中只想快點回家, 哈哈

我覺得有自信不是一件壞事, 可是太有自信, 就變成了自大了.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Janice. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I feel that sexy is a feeling. It doesn’t meant that wearing less is sexy, and whatever a woman wears, she is sexy. Sexiness comes from within!

我覺得性感是一種感覺, 不是說你穿的少就是性感, 我覺得一個女人性感的話,她穿著密密實實, 也會很性感, 性感不是外在的, 是從內發出來的, 才是真正的性感!

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