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How To Finger Her & Give Her An Orgasm

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How To Finger Her & Give Her An Orgasm

I think people should have sex when they want to, as long as they want to do it and they aren’t pressured into doing it. They use protection if they don’t want to get pregnant or catch some sickness!!

A Memorable Sexual Experience

It was when I was 17, I had a boyfriend and after one month we thought that we were ready! He was gentle with me, we didn’t know what we were doing and I cant say that was perfect but I cant say it wasn’t bad either! After that, slowly I start to feel more pleasure and learnt how to have the perfect orgasm! Now I love it!!!


How I Like To Be Fingered

Of course this is one of the best way to get orgasms! I prefer him to start me slowly, and kissing me gently then going to my clit and getting some wetness of course on it. After a few minutes, I love to get faster and faster and this is what makes my vagina wet! Of course he must keep paying attention to me to see how I feel! When I get super wet I love to first put one finger inside me, pushing in and out slowly and keep rubbing my clit with the other hand! Then to put the second finger inside and getting faster, keep rubbing my clit and like that, I can cum very fast and very powerful!!!

Favorite Positions

I LOVE missionary cause like that I can control myself and move my back up and down when I feel that I have to!!


How Will A Guy Know I Am Reaching Orgasm?

First my breathing gets faster and deeper, and I start to move too much and of course I start to scream sometimes!!!

Kinky Places I Love To Have Sex

There are no kinky places when u enjoy it! But I like it in the cinema, on the beach, in the car, sometimes in the pool or in the sea!!!

What A Guy Must Never Do When Fingering

Push it too hard or have dirty fingers. I hate this!! And dont stop till I get the orgasm!

Inna Sirina – is an Adult Actress and 2016 DDF award nominee. She is a brunette Greek Goddess witch who likes to have fun and enjoy life. So be happy no matter what! Follow her on Twitter @inna_sirina, Facebook or Instagram @innasirina2

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Images courtesy of Inna Sirina
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Inna Sirina

Adult Actress 2016 DDF award nominee! Brunette Greek Goddess witch who likes to have fun and enjoy life! Be happy no matter what!!!


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