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What Is An Escort And What Does She Do?

Sex Ed

What Is An Escort And What Does She Do?

Sex is a lot of fun.  I don’t see sex as this supreme act where you become connected on a spiritual level nor form a stronger bond as two people in love. The best type of sex is sex with someone on the same level, as two individuals who want each other equally and who are sexually compatible with each other.  In my opinion sexual intimacy has nothing to do with romance; sexual intimacy is mind blowing sex in the way that you want it to be and being comfortable enough to do that.

What Makes Me Different And Unique

My interactions with clients are always authentic and genuine, a memorable experience.  I only meet a few select patrons.  I screen very heavily and if I don’t think we are compatible or I cannot give what the client is seeking (I do very naughty GFE dates) I won’t take the booking.  I genuinely love meeting interesting, fascinating people. Words my clients use after meeting me are adorable, delightful, funny, charming, intelligent, gorgeous and great company.

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Common Misconceptions About Escorts

I think the most common ones is that escorts do not have any other career options, and that is very much not the case.  I have met some of the most intelligent women in this industry, smart as a whip, who escort as a part-time job.

Or that we are badly treated by clients, which could not be further from the truth.  My clients are extremely intelligent, kind and generous, and they remember what I like.  I love horses so I have been given expensive riding boots and a jumping saddle, and these were very thoughtful gifts.  I have been given great business and financial advice too which is very much appreciated by me.

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Do You Date?

To be a great private escort you have to be able to give a small piece of yourself to the job.  It is very hard to describe what that piece is comprised of to someone who is not a companion.  If I have very deep feelings for someone then I don’t want to share that piece of myself with anyone else but my lover.  Currently I am involved in competing with my horse as well as completing studies so I don’t have much spare time for a relationship in any case.  I am very independent so I’m quite hesitant to start a relationship with someone unless I really, really like them.  I do enjoy being in a relationship and especially being in love.

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Things To Know Before Dating An Escort

I think a guy needs to be able to fully accept who you are as an individual, your aspirations in life, and that whatever your future may hold, you will always be an ex-escort.  It can make them very insecure.  If a guy can’t deal with you working while the relationship is still in its very early stages, they will certainly never be able to respect and accept it in the long-term.

Escorting has raised my standards in men, I don’t accept any disrespect,  meanness or bad behaviour.

Famke Fonteyn: lithe, elegant blonde high-class GFE escort and luxury companion based in London.   Northern European paramour,  courtesan, and delightful aficionado.  Sassy & Playful | Often passionate, sometimes hilarious, but rarely forgettable. Available worldwide by private arrangement.

Follow and contact her on , Twitter @famkebee and Instagram @famkefonteyn 

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Famke Fonteyn

Lithe, elegant blonde high-class GFE escort and luxury companion based in London. Northern European paramour, courtesan, and delightful aficionado. Sassy & Playful | Often passionate, sometimes hilarious, but rarely forgettable.


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