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Vivan Tng talks about fashion and food


Vivan Tng talks about fashion and food

Who is Vivian Tng?

Hellos. I’m Vivian, also known as xchubbykitty. I’m currently 22, a full time student studying for my Diploma in Accountancy, Singapore. I own a blog and mainly blog about beauty and fashion. I have a major fetish over Hello Kitty and even dreamt that I would be one of it someday. (Okay, I think I’m in my own fantasy world.) Oh, and I love taking pictures.

How will you describe your fashion style?

I guess I don’t really have a fixed fashion style for me, I wear clothes depending on my mood. If I was feeling lazy, I would just throw on a pair of hot shorts with an oversized tee and a platform and head out.


What fashion rules do you live by?

“If you wear it, be confident.”

Where do you usually shop?

Usually I would shop for my clothes at Scape or Bugis Street, if not for online blogshops, I usually get most of my stuff from Shop Princessa and sometimes Shop Sassy Dreams.


What’s the most expensive item you have splurged on?

I guess it is a Prada wallet? Is that counted…

Do you have the urge to critic someone’s dress style if you see that it is a fashion catastrophe?

Nope I will never criticize but I guess maybe gossip among my good friends, because I believe each and every one of us have different fashion styles, although I may not like the style but you will never know if it will go in trend someday and you will wear it somehow.


What is your beauty regime like?

I don’t think I have the perfect skin, nor complexion. But what I find is important is to always use the correct makeup remover/facewash. For me I have been a loyal fan of Biore. I just love their remover and facial foam. In addition I don’t put foundation unless on big occasions. Eyeliner and lip stick are my essentials.

Which cartoon character best represents you?

Not including Sanrio Characters, I think Blossom, from Powerpuff Girls. Because I think she is pretty bubbly.

What guilty indulgences do you have for food?

The funny thing about me is that I hate chocolate, but I love lava cake. Which I have no idea why. Not all though but majority.


Funniest thing you’ve done or experienced?

Funniest thing I have done I guess will be grabbing a stranger’s hand while entering into the MRT train, because it was during the peak period so I just grabbed the hand thinking it was my friend and my friend stood shock on the platform when I entered the train.

What’s sexy to you?

Sexy to me is not only base on appearance but also being connected to your soul, living boldly and having no boundaries.

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