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Because movie-and-dinner dates are so passé …

1. Riders Café

1. Riders Cafe-2For: The old-fashioned gentlewoman

Looking straight out of an Old Western, Riders Café’s rustic colonial charm is the perfect atmosphere for a posh, classy first date away from the bustle of the city. The horses casually strolling by are a good conversation topic should you run out of things to talk about. If your date has a penchant for sexy cowboys lounging in the hay, bringing her to the Bukit Timah Saddle Club may just convince her that you’re good with horses … or maybe hung like one?

eriously Man’s (SM) tip: Brunch is the best time to visit. Give their eggs benedict a try, and take a taxi or drive unless you want to arrive looking like you just showered. In saltwater. And oil.

2. Prince of Wales Backpackers Pub

2. POW-2

For: The adventurous traveller

Nestled in the middle of the tropical and colourful district of Little India, POW will make for an unforgettable date. The authentic Australian menu and draught beers are surprisingly good and easy on the wallet. Complete with quirky backpackers and unique décor, the shophouse also hosts barbecues and live singers. If you can’t whisk her away on an exotic round trip to South Asia, this comes in a close second.

SM’s tip:
Go after 8pm when the revelry begins. Check out their unique draught beers and impress her with your travel tales over dinner.

3. Quayside Isle

3. Quayside Isle-2

For: The atas, sophisticated lady

Even the name sounds exotic. Singapore’s most opulent district will make you feel like you just stepped onto a private island exclusively for mysterious billionaires. With luxurious white yachts lounging casually in the docks and an unobstructed view of the waters, Quayside Isle on Sentosa Cove is every girl’s Instagram dream come true. Be prepared to take countless #ootd shots but hey, the things we do for love.

SM’s tip:
For dinner with a killer view, try Paradiso Restaurant & Bar. Their Mediterranean offerings with a selection of tropical cocktails will make you feel like you’re on an island that’s less Singapura, and more Santorini.

4. Wakeboarding

4. Wakeboarding-1For: The sporty one with a sexy tan

The extreme sport du jour, wakeboarding has gained a dedicated following in Singapore for its high-octane, thrilling rush. SKI360 at East Coast Parkway provides services for everyone from beginners to experts. And don’t worry—all equipment is provided on site. Also, adrenaline is closely linked to the physiology of romantic love so you might just convince her that her increased heart rate and sweating are due to love at first sight. Hell yeah, science.

SM’s tip: Work out beforehand to make sure you can keep up with her. And bring sunblock.

5. The Halia

5. The Halia-1For: Nature lovers and tree huggers

Not to be confused with the Hagia Sophia. The Halia is a stunning restaurant tucked away in the Botanic Gardens that will transport your date to the forests of Brazil. Surrounded by lush greenery and charming bird calls, this is the place for intimate dates where things get au naturel. Take her on a walk before dinner around the gardens and impress with your encyclopedic knowledge of flora and fauna.

SM’s tip: Bring insect repellent.

This article and all associated images have been republished with permission from Seriously Man.
Feature image courtesy of Shutterstock.

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