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Interview with Jay Smooth, Male Pornstar from Poland


Interview with Jay Smooth, Male Pornstar from Poland

My name is Jay Smooth and I am an adult model and performer originally from Poland.  I joined the adult industry in early 2013.  I am still very new to the porn industry and I am enjoying that exciting journey every single day.

SimplySxy:  Where do you see the industry in the next 10 years?

Jay Smooth:  The boundary between mainstream and porn slowly fades and I believe that porn will not be considered so negatively in the next 10 years and it will become shown on public television and certain genres of pornography, like glamcore will be generally accepted by society as a beautiful depiction of sexuality.


SimplySxy:  Does size really matter for male actors in the porn industry?

Jay:  I think it does.  It is easier for well-endowed performers to showcase female performers better.  Basically, there is more variations and angles of penetration that can be shown.  However, performers with extremely big penises might hurt their co-workers even unintentionally, so I would say 7in and up is the porn standard.  What is more important is whether (the) male performer’s tool is working properly.

SimplySxy:  Can you share with us one funny/awkward/embarrassing moment that have happened on set?

Jay:  I remember one of my first shoots where I had to work with a girl that has never shoot porn before and what is even worse, she was an open lesbian and never had had sex with men before.  To make things worse, she was on her period that day.  You can imagine that it wasn’t the easiest day for me.

SimplySxy:  What is your favourite porno scenario?

Jay:  I have a huge foot fetish so I love to work in this genre and all possible scenarios work for me there.  Also, I love outdoor shoots, massage scenarios and bodies full of oil.  My favorite shoots are those full of passion and kissing, glamcore shoots.

SimplySxy:  How do you psych yourself if you are not turned on by the set or co-stars?

Jay:  I always try to focus on the sexiest part of my female co-star body.  There are always some sexy parts of females bodies that help me stimulate myself.  Although, all of us have days where we are not that sensitive and it takes more effort to stimulate sexually.  Then, imagination and concentration helps.

SimplySxy:  What’s the easiest way to feel aroused for you? And what is your biggest turn on during sex?

Jay:  The easiest way to feel aroused for me is to feel as comfortable with my co-star as possible.  Outgoing, nice personality and dirty mind helps a lot.  Of course, I cannot stress enough how physical attraction is important.  The biggest turn on for me is deep look into my eyes by my female partner as well as their kinky nature.  As I mentioned before, I love beautiful feet so if everything else fails, that’s usually a very stimulating body part of my co-stars.

SimplySxy:  What is the most orgasmic thing a lover can do to you?

Jay:  Touch me, kiss me, and stare deeply into my eyes while I am penetrating her.


SimplySxy:  Where is the strangest/craziest place you’ve ever had sex?

Jay:  On a plane and at the parking lot in my car right next to a police car.

SimplySxy:  Your personal view towards pornography?

Jay:  I’ve enjoyed pornography since I was a teenager. I personally see nothing wrong with pornography. I think it has its therapeutic role in people’s lives. To me, it inspired me to experiment sexually and become sexually free. I have always been a very sexual individual and I have learnt to embrace it.

SimplySxy:  Sexiest body part a woman you enjoy kissing?

Jay:  Lips, boobs, feet and vagina, in that particular order.

A message from you to all your fans and the SimplySxy readers:

First of all, thank to all my fans for your support! For those of you that have seen me already in action I hope to bring you more quality content. For those that still don’t know who Jay Smooth is, I hope you will enjoy my work and join my awesome and loyal fan base.

If you want to know me better, follow me on twitter @jaysmoothxxx

Wet Kisses to all of you!

Images courtesy of Jay Smooth

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