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My top 5 favourite sex positions

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Sex Ed

My top 5 favourite sex positions

I love sex.  And each time I have it, my aim is have an orgasm better than the previous.  However, this is easier said than done.  For most people, yours truly included, our first sex position was the missionary.  Nothing fanciful, just good old fashioned sex and an overall enjoyable experience.  The missionary is still a position I enjoy till this day but along the way, I have tried and am still trying, new sex positions to reach an orgasm.  Most have been successful, while some simply never satisfied either one of us or both.  For now, I share with you 5 favourite sex positions of mine.  Who knows, if we do hook up one day, you will remember which one I like and get down to it.

1)  Doggie Style 

My all time favourite.  My partner is able to go deep into me and at the same time use his hand to stimulate my clitoris.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Even the use of sex toys such as a bullet vibrator in this case while he does me anally allows me to enjoy double penetration at the same time.  A favourite among guys as well.

2)  Me on Top  (Cowgirl)

All girls will love this as we are on top and in the dominant position.  I control the speed and movement which actually helps to delay his orgasm.  Guys will love this as they will have full view of the lady’s breasts and fondle them during intercourse.  There are ways to spice this further by bending my back as far back as possible or widening my legs to feel the stretch in my pussy, giving me added sensations to the experience.

3)  Wheelbarrow

When I first tried the wheelbarrow, the physical exertions of using my arms to support my body gave me aches for an entire week.  Like the doggy style, the wheelbarrow allows the guy to penetrate me deeper.  As my thighs are wrapped around him and he is supporting my hips, there isn’t a risk of me slipping off halfway through.  And if ever I need a rest, we will adjourn to the bed or chair, and assume the same position till we both climax.

4)  Standing Up

The only reason why I am fond of this position is because I can enjoy sex in the shower  or when there’s a chance of a quickie outdoors.  Being propped against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist.  Doing it in the air without any support is physically demanding.  But if the guy is strong and able to support the lady, I can guarantee you the sex will be mind-blowing.

5)  Face Off (On a chair)

I love this position as it feels very intimate when we are having sex.  I sit on his lap while he is resting on the chair or bed.  This allows me to get into the rhythm of the thrusts and as the tempo can be varied, we can go on for hours slowly if we intend to carry out a marathon sex session.  Longest I have gone was almost two hours though.  Not much of a marathon.  Face-Off is also a great way to distract him from his work and have sex on the spot.  Something no men can resist and only wish it happened to them more often.  This happened to me more often than I wanted when I stayed in the dorm in Uni and ended up having sex halfway while studying.  Some way to relief the stress eh?  Oh, there’s also an added bonus of having my breasts sucked and licked while we are at it.

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Mandy Tan

An avid traveller with a deep passion for writing, Mandy enjoys life's simple pleasures such as popping bubble wraps, the sweet aroma of wine and children's laughter to name a few. As a contributor on SimplySxy, Mandy believes that sex is a form of art to be enjoyed and discussed openly.


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