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Karen B. K. Chan

Karen B. K. Chan

Karen B. K. Chan is a sex educator, emotional literacy trainer, and speaker in Toronto, Canada. Above all, she’s dedicated to widening the definitions of what’s erotic, cultivating ease and acceptance, and proving that emotional literacy, play, and honesty are sexy. She works with individuals, parents, service providers, and groups, and has taught in the sex and sexuality field for over 15 years. Her current projects include delivering sex education in schools — for students as well as parents and teachers; video projects that challenges the idea of normal; workshops of all kinds, including ones that complement her 5-minute youtube video “Jam” (which envisions sex as a lifetime of jam sessions); developing tools to shift sex ed away from (sexual) activity and towards experience and meaning; and germinating the idea for a children’s book series on feelings.Karen is also ecstatic to sit on the jury for the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards, which gives kudos to films and videos that depict agency, pleasure, desire, connection, communication, and diversity.

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