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Josif Fidanovski

Josif Fidanovski

Josif Fidanovski has a B.A. in psychology. He is a cognitive-behavioral therapist, psychosexual therapist, member of the European Federation of Sexology (EFS) and a representative of the Seksin association in Belgrade( He runs a private practice, using psychosexual therapy as an integrative method to help clients improve intimacy with their partners, as well as their sexual functionality. He is a regular contributor to the Plodnost (Fertility) clinic from Novi Banovci, where he has worked for 5 years with Dr. Sava Bojovic in diagnosing and treating sexual dysfunction and has helped treat infertility.

He has a blog entitled “Sexual functionality”: where he writes and publishes texts about problems related to love and sex.

He was a regular guest of Dr. Bojovic on BN television on shows about contemporary education and communication in sex for the duration of 6 months. He also occasionally appears on TV channels in Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia (TV Pink BH, TV Alfa, TV Galaksija, etc.) and writes articles for daily and weekly magazines with the aim of promoting sexual health and psychosexual therapy.

He participates and speaks at national and international congresses on psychotherapy, sexuality and fertility.

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