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Jessa Jordan

Jessa Jordan

Jessa Jordan is an internationally renowned model, stripper, writer, and independent porn performer and producer! With her signature shaved head, facial piercings, and tattoos, Jessa has been stirring up the adult film world and is eager to prove herself as a long-lasting star. Fetish friendly and ready for action, Jessa typically shoots interracial scenes with her real-life partner, Reid Castle--including foot fetish clips, strap on content and of course, POV BJs. Powered by coffee and tequila, Jessa is based in Philly as a slave to her beloved cat overlord, Gambit. When not shooting, editing or conversing with her adoring fans, Jessa can be found reading any memoir, vampire or sci-fi novel she can get her hands on; listening to indie punk, metal or R&B; or overdosing on true crime podcasts, ice cream or old-school animes like Outlaw Star, Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo.

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