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Goddess Ana Marie

Goddess Ana Marie

I most enjoy the psychological aspects of BDSM & Femdom, The mind-fuck, if you will... I enjoy the anticipation on a mans face during one of my delicious teases. I will make The build-up as you wait & wonder what may happen; excruciating . The goosebumps,...the desire that starts as a slow burn, but with me kindling it, it builds in intensity until it consumes my men; whole. I love the Cat & mouse type-play. But; Make no mistake, when you are with Me, will be both My property to play with ...and My prey. Not a thing pleases Me more, than once Ive penetrated My way inside Your psyche, learned what kinky things makes you tick,...and then I use your mind & body as My personal playground . I love sadistic & Sensual Domination. I naturally lean toward bratty seductive aspects of play, and twisted aspects of punishment. I can be a real brat at times,...but My greatest pleasure is making you squirm and whimper under My hand, while you also throw your lifes saving at my feet. I enjoy getting to know My submissives .....and using what I learn "against" them,...for my pleasure. My pro-Domme journey began over 6yrs ago, and my experience shows in My interactions with the submissives lucky enough to be chosen to spend time with Me. Come, indulge yourself to all My wicked whims... In person; in my Fully equipped Fetish Dungeon Studio Or Online.. I can make all of your fantasies come true..

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