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LA Content Creator & Foodie Swoosie Lindeman


LA Content Creator & Foodie Swoosie Lindeman

Hi! I’m Swoosie (which is pronounced Suzie)! I come from a mixed race background with Thai, Chinese, and European culture. I’m from the Bay Area but moved to Southern California for college! I went to UC Irvine and graduated with a bachelors in Psychology. Ever since college, I’ve been vlogging my food adventures, travel explorations, and fashion inspirations.

Some of my favorite hobbies are cooking, designing digital art, playing games, playing with my dog, cosplaying, and hanging out with friends! I love anime, listening to all types of music, stand-up comedy, and memes. I’ll be going to hang out at the beach, cute cafes, and Disneyland! Before the pandemic, I practiced sports such as Taekwondo and bouldering. I also participate in activism for causes that mean a lot to me. I currently own a page and shop online called ShareSelfCare that promotes self-care, mental health, and provides free and affordable resources!

What is your fashion style and where do you get your inspiration from?

My fashion style really depends on my mood of the day! Most of the time I like to wear crop tops with jeans or shorts, really long sweaters with boots, and bodycon dresses or skirts.  I love the color pink so you can probably see me sporting an all matching pink outfit! I really like punk rock, soft pastel, comfy, harajuku, and sporty styles which are all so different! One of my favorite outfits are a black leather jacket, black jeans, and long leather boots – kinda greaser style!  I think someone that has similar taste in fashion as me would be Ariana Grande. My style is very cute, sexy, and unique!

How will you describe a typical day for yourself?

A typical day in my life would be waking up and setting my intentions for the day. It only takes 60 seconds and really helps to keep track of what I would like to accomplish for the day! After I get out of bed I start cooking breakfast, making a latte, and watching a quick video like Saturday Night Live, Mark Weins, or Fuck That’s Delicious. I love to eat an all American breakfast with eggs, bacon, and toast.

After that, I start working on my designs for my self-care account, editing or shooting videos for my foodie channel, or marketing and planning content for my social media. I have a bad habit of eating out or ordering takeout, so sometimes for lunch or dinner I may go on a little food adventure. Some days, I also volunteer for a local mental health nonprofit by helping them with grant writing, digital content creation, and social media management. I am also a freelance resume writer since I previously worked in the recruiting industry, so some days I also help edit and recreate peoples’ resumes. I feel like I do a lot of random and varied things now that I think about it!

At the end of the day I try to relax and self-care by watching some shows, doing my skincare routine, or listening to the podcast On Purpose by Jay Shetty. Before I go to sleep, I write down a list of things I need to do the next day and then I try to meditate.

Which 3 types of food or drink can you not live without?

This is so difficult BUT I CANNOT live without Thai food, Italian food, and Japanese food. I love eating sticky rice, rad na, and Thai curry. Yum! I also cannot live without pasta! That is the one food I’m always down to eat. Japanese food is very diverse and I absolutely love takoyaki, croquettes, and sushi! All you can eat sushi is the best!

What incredible life hack do you know that is invaluable to you?

I’m a master improviser so I try to problem-solve with creativity. I was making a pizza one day during my broke-college student days, and I realized that I didn’t have a rolling pin for the dough, but I did have a baseball bat. I wrapped part of it in plastic wrap and used it as a rolling pin for the pizza dough. Luckily, my roommate didn’t judge me when she walked into the kitchen. I’m also great at finding the best deals for traveling which might not be a life hack but it sure feels like one.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn but have yet to find the time for it?

Yes! So many things! I’ve always wanted to learn how to speak Thai but I keep procrastinating and they also do not have it on Duolingo. Currently, I am practicing French and Japanese though. I’d also love to learn an instrument and different coding languages. There’s so many things I want to learn but those are on the top of my list! I’ve just been procrastinating on them.

If you could time travel, what will you like to witness or experience?

If I could time travel, it would be into the past to find out the secrets of famous mysteries and world wonders. I’d like to know exactly what Stonehenge was and its purpose. I would also go back a few hundred years into the past to show them the inventions we have now and blow their minds (and perhaps become filthy rich). I would also want to have conversations with famous figures like Cleopatra or the man in the iron mask and be like, “So how exactly were the pyramids built?” or “So who are you actually?”.

I get nerdy when it comes to history and discovering the greatest secrets! It would be so cool to go back in time to find out! I don’t think I would travel into the future, because I believe we all can change the future through our actions, so there’s no point to me.

What is a funny attempt a guy has tried to know you?

When I was in my high school Japanese class, I sat next to a guy who probably had an Asian fetish who asked, “Hey, you’re cute. Where are you from?” I knew exactly what he was trying to ask but I didn’t let him have it. I told him, “I’m from L.A.!” He asked again, “No I mean, where are you REALLY FROM?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Swoosie. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy to me isn’t about looks, it’s a mindset. I think that sexy is about having confidence, being your true self, having fun and knowing that you’re a bad bitch. I think it’s very sexy when someone geeks out with a topic they’re passionate about.

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Instagram: @swoosiefoodie



Self-Care Page: @shareselfcare

My Dog’s Page: @princessmochifloppyears

I will be having some new and exciting travel vlogs out soon along with more mukbangs! I also have a giveaway for my self-care page and will be coming out with self-care kits soon!

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