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How To Enjoy The GFE In Warsaw With A Companion

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How To Enjoy The GFE In Warsaw With A Companion

There’s an undeniable pleasure in a female’s life – and that is being adored. Working as a high class escort, I wouldn’t call my job just a something I do for money.  I feel excited every time I come to meet my client and when from the very first moment, I can see this big “wow” in his eyes. It’s my biggest motivation to do my best to leave him dazzled.

How Is The Escorting Industry In Warsaw & Poland?

 A huge majority of escorts ads you can find in Warsaw (in fact in the whole Poland) are posted by agencies and just pretend to be private. Obviously, the lower the price is, the smaller is the chance to meet a nice girl, at least similar to the one on photos. But even if you’ve decided to accept a higher price – it may not save you from the agencies tricks, when they simply send to you their first available girl.  So if you’ll hear, “I can be at your place in 30-40 minutes”, you better be  careful.

Still, not many girls in Poland decide work for themselves and  it’s quite easy to verify – independent escorts should have their own website or Twitter/IG profile.  It also takes more time to make a booking, as a deposit is often required and rates might be higher than average. Anyway – it reflects in the quality, as every escort works for their own reputation and prefers to meet regular clients.

Reasons Men Seek The Girlfriend Experience

A typical escort service is all about relieving  a sexual tension. Simple, quick and fair transaction. However, not for those gentlemen who expects some other kind of intimacy – together with affection and sensitivity, and who want to have a meeting with woman, not only for the woman’s body . At the same time, they want to keep things away from making a relationship.

Choosing a GFE service is a perfectly safe option, as a “controlled date”. In addition, comparing to dating apps,  you don’t need to worry if it’s gonna end in your bedroom.

What Makes Me An Ideal GFE Companion

What I find best in the GFE is that it lets you to build a short-time close and sexy relation with the other person in a very natural way. I like people and I love to listen – as a bonus, my clients are usually fascinating people with amazing stories to share!  Conversation also gives enough time to find out more about my partner needs, and to seduce in the way that let him believes, that it’s him who seduced me.

I called the relations “short-time”, but in fact there’s no need to rush. Personally I think, that one hour GFE meeting wouldn’t make any sense, so I don’t provide it.  My regular clients propositions are usually longer stays, like overnight, weekends somewhere far away from the city, or invitations to be their travel companion during a short holiday. I’ve been told its because I’m that smiling and easy to be with type of women, who can easily adjust to her partner.

Best Duration To Enjoy Warsaw Together

Dinner dates and overnight stays – that’s what I enjoy the most. Both time (evening) and place (restaurant or cocktail bar – there’s a really big choice of good places to go in Warsaw) are much more natural scenery for chat and flirt than a hotel room.

Etiquette Gentlemen Must Follow

I’m pretty lucky to meet on my way, mostly a 100% gentlemen. I really select my clients from the first message they send. It’s simply because if one’s behaviour will ever start make me feel uncomfortable, I would decide to leave from the date – it’s just not worth wasting my nerves. What I definitely don’t accept is the lack of discretion, being rude, loud or aggressive. Also asking about discounts or possibility to pay after the meeting.

How To Impress Me

As much, I want my clients to enjoy our time together, as much I appreciate effort they put into preparing a perfect date. Even the smallest things matters – flowers or following my cuisine preferences while choosing  a restaurant surely, then surely a romantic weekend in SPA or small gift, like piece of jewelry, can make me wanna go extra mile. But here’s the simple truth – if  you want me to be a woman of your dreams, then make me feel like I’m one.

Bettie Golden – Polish high class companion, independent GFE expert in Warsaw, open-minded lover of both – gents and ladies. Question, that I hate the most as a SW is “Do you have any job?”. In my retirement I’ll be travelling even more, than I do now.

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In 2021 I’m available for meetings only till August 8th.

Images courtesy of Bettie Golden

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Bettie Golden

Polish high class companion, independent GFE expert in Warsaw, openminded lover of both - gents and ladies. Question, that I hate the most as a SW is "Do you have any job?". In my retierement I'll be travelling even more, than I do now.


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