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Model & Influencer Anica Dela Rama


Model & Influencer Anica Dela Rama

Hi! I’m Anica Dela Rama. Born and raised in Metro Manila, Philippines. 

I’m a flight attendant by profession, a model and aspiring entrepreneur by passion. I am also a social media influencer who loves to share fragments of life interests which includes food, travel, lifestyle, fashion and hobbies. 

How is your fashion style like and where do you draw inspiration from?

As for my fashion style, I would say that it’s a “Mix and Match”. I always try to keep up with the trends, I sometime draw inspiration from other influencers, celebrities or other model friends that I know of. I also love to keep it simple, decent yet at the same time, classy and sexy. 

Do you follow a beauty regime to look so beautiful?

There’s no specific beauty regime that I actually follow. I just make sure that I have proper hygiene. I clean my face, I eat healthy food, drink collagen and lots of vitamin C. I also keep my face moisturized and protected by a sunscreen whenever I go out. I only wear make up if I have to (I use hypoallergenic cosmetics because of my sensitive skin), then I remove my make up right after my day ends 🙂

Which is the best compliment you have received?

Best compliment, most of the time is whenever my friends tell me that I look younger than my age. When some people are telling me that I’m very talented, that I’m not only “looks” but I also have brains.

What are 3 fun things you like to do in the city you live in?

Since I’m a newbie in this place as I just transferred here a few months ago, due to the pandemic it became limited for me to maximize my activities here.

But I would say that it became a habit for me to go out, buy some food and shop for some groceries.

I love to hang out with my best friend who lives near me, meet some new neighbors, and have a little chat with them. And if there’s ample time we go out, for some pampering and a ladies day out.

The last thing that I love here is that I can relax and stay at home. I can paint, make some poems overlooking in my terrace seeing trees. I just love the “nature vibes” in this place, and I can have my “me-time” peacefully.

Which are your favorite quotes or mottos you like to use for inspiration?

I have lots of favorite quotes in life, but my most favorite of all is that “You don’t have to be good to start. You just need to start.” I’ve been through a lot of challenges and admittedly, I failed at lots of them. But I always keep in mind that if I want to achieve something, I’ll never know the result unless I’ll try doing it. I’ll just take the risk and start…even if I’m not actually good at it.

Would you rather have the power to control minds or teleport?

As a flight attendant, I love travelling. I would do anything just to visit the places that I haven’t been to. If I’ll have the power to teleport, I can definitely do that for sure without breaking my own bank account and wallet haha. If I could just go there in a snap, I’ll bring my love ones with me, take some pictures wearing my new OOTDs, eat their delicacies and learn their culture. I would love to do that everyday. 

What do you not get about guys?

What I do not get about guys is their pride and ego. I mean, not all of them are full of pride and ego. I admit that I had my own share of pride when I was in a relationship. It’s just that as per experience, we always end up in an argument because of them not admitting their own mistakes. They don’t share their true feelings because they feel like it’ll show weakness for them as a ‘man’ (and its definitely not a definition of a man). 

For me it’ll be a lot easier to understand them if they can also be open about their thoughts and be more compassionate to fix an issue. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Anica. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

For me, being sexy is just being you. Be natural. I mean by loving yourself, being happy about who or what u are. Be “confident”, for me that’s very sexy. Regardless of your size, vital statistics, your complexion or flaws. The person’s aura or glow for me is more appealing than their own physique.

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Lyka App username: nix_delunadr

Watch me Live everyday at Bigo Live. 

Bigo ID: Angel.Anica

I’ll be with Livit App on December.

Livit ID: Angel_Anica

Images courtesy of Anica Dela Rama

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