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What Makes Sex Toys Great for Every Relationship


What Makes Sex Toys Great for Every Relationship

What does perfect sex look like for you? Is it soft and sweet? Is it a little bit kinky? Or maybe you’re a full-blown fetish lover?

Now that you’ve found someone who shares the same sexual appetite, it’s time to have a ton of fun in the bedroom.

Regardless of what you fancy, there are ways to make sex hotter than ever before. Sex toys provide one such great opportunity.

It’s amazing that more and more people are starting to use and embrace toys. When asked in a survey, 63 percent of the respondents said that they’d used some kind of sex toy. Of the women questioned who said that they use a sex toy, 78 percent were in a relationship.

If you’re in the minority that hasn’t given sex toys a chance yet, the time has come to think about change.

Some people in a relationship still worry about bringing up the subject and potentially offending their partner. Using sex toys with someone special, however, results in a wide range of benefits. From increasing trust to ensuring more powerful and consistent orgasms, the reasons to give sex toys a try with your significant other are so many.

Improved Communication

Talking about sex isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. At the same time, good sex is such an important part of a healthy relationship. If you’re reluctant and hesitant to discuss your preferences, sex toys can be really helpful.

All that you have to do is find the courage to broach the subject. When you do, you’ll probably find out that your partner’s on board.

Not only that, the actual use of a sex toy itself can be a communication enhancer. You’ll need to talk about what feels good, where and how you’d like to be stimulated. You’ll learn about your body, you’ll learn about your partner’s body and together, you’ll be creating an experience like no other.

Improving communication in the bedroom will always result in better intimacy, whether toys are involved or not.

Addressing Performance Issues

We need to talk about a less pleasurable aspect of having sex – performance issues.

Most couples experience such problems every once in a while.

Stress, fatigue and aging can contribute to problems like premature ejaculation. When anxious, many women will find it difficult to get in the mood for sex and to orgasm.

Let’s face it – long-term relationships can eventually lead to boring sex. Using sex toys reduces the stress related to performance issues. Powerful and diversified stimulation can easily result in an orgasm. Most people will discover at least one toy that does the trick for them.

And when this aspect of sex is handled, the couple can enjoy cuddling, touching and spending quality time together without added anxieties.

Sex should be easy and fun but it often isn’t. the good news is that most problems can be overcome if both people involved are on the same page.

A Chance to Explore New Things

Getting comfortable with each other is obviously wonderful. This knowledge and familiarity, however, will often take the spark and the spontaneity out of the sex. Both of you know what feels good and both of you are on the same page as far as intimacy goes. This knowledge will make you likely to stick to a set of practices.

When buying sex toys, you get a chance to explore new facets of your sexuality. You don’t have to go for the kinkiest items on the market to experience their benefits. Reputable sex toy stores like HotCherry has a wide selection of adult toys which will give you a brand-new sensation and that’s precisely what you should look for.

The stimulation is very specific when you’re using toys. Vibrating toys for couples, for example, will give you a whole new experience, even if you’re having missionary sex. Since these gadgets allow for the additional stimulation of some erogenous zone, the whole experience will become more powerful and thrilling.

The first sex toys you buy will often encourage you to try out other stuff in the future. And when you have something new and exciting to look forward to, the sex can never get boring.

Acting Out Your Fantasies

Imagine the following scenario – having a threesome is one of your biggest sexual fantasies. Your partner, however, isn’t on the same page. They’re uncomfortable with the idea and they don’t want to explore it.

Using sex toys will give you the chance to act out your fantasies without breaking boundaries or endangering your relationship in any way.

A dildo or a quality vibrator can be used to give you the sensation of being with two partners at the same time. And this is just one example of a fantasy you can enact in a safe and respectful manner.

More Body Confidence

Do you only have sex with the lights off? Do you feel unhappy with your body?

Many people are in the same boat and that’s such a pity. Mass media and the entertainment industry have created unrealistic standards that normal human beings cannot live up to. Even if this is the case, people are affected psychologically by their inability to reach some arbitrary ideal.

Using sex toys can help you grow your body and sexual confidence.

You will learn more about your pleasure. Also, you’ll need to be vulnerable with your partner if they’re using the toy on you. Through these processes, you will learn to trust and you’ll also get to appreciate all the amazing sexual things that your body can do.

This effect is equally attainable for men and women. While women worry about their bodies, guys tend to worry about their stamina (again – unrealistic standards set by the adult entertainment industry). Sex toys bring down the pressure and allow for more confident exploration of each other’s sexualities.

An Overall Happier Relationship

Exploration and adventure can keep a relationship feeling fresh as the years go by. And this is precisely what you’re going to get by buying new toys and using them with your partner.

You will have something fun and new to look forward to. You will be making the decisions together and the process is going to be a ton of fun once you overcome the initial hesitation.

Every couple can start feeling stuck after some time together. That’s a normal process but for some, it could mean the end of the road. This is why finding novelty and exciting stuff together happens to be crucial. Regardless of your preferences and characters, you’ll definitely find at least a few toys that both of you would want to test out.

Don’t be afraid to bring up the subject of using sex toys if that’s something you’re interested in. Just cuddle up together one evening and have a chat. You shouldn’t wait for a special moment to consider the possibility because you’ll be missing a ton of sexy fun this way.

Toys can only benefit your relationship, as long as both of you keep an open mind and become equally involved in the process. The fact that you haven’t discussed the idea until now doesn’t mean your partner is against it. The moment you start the conversation, you’ll probably find out that they are as curious as you.

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