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The Future of Adult Video Chat

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The Future of Adult Video Chat

Erotic art has come a long, long way from old cave paintings. We’ve always been captivated by sexuality. After all, sex is one of the main motivations driving any animal, and we are far from the exception. Today, the static ecstasies of paintings, statues, and even magazine spreads are long forgotten. In 2020, we prefer seeing sex in motion. Modern porn fans love videos and more importantly, live sex cams, which gives them a chance to interact with the model of their dreams in real time! But where do we go from here?

Some of the net’s best webcam sites seem to already have it all figured out, making performances more immersive than ever. In 2016, the popular cam site CAM4 introduced CAM4VR, allowing their guests to feel like they’re in the very same room as their favorite models. Using a VR headset, fans of the service get to enjoy a 360 degree view of the show. CAM4VR suggests that guests elevate their experience by using teledildonic devices for added stimulation. 

These devices can vibrate or even move in response to erotic media, or in the case of traditional cam sites, tips. These devices can be singular receivers or they can be paired as aids for long-distance sex partners. To date, the only major cam site platform that integrates 2-way teledildonic sex toys is this year’s XBIZ Cam Company of the Year award recipient, Flirt4Free.

But using VR technology to make pleasuring ourselves more, well, pleasurable, doesn’t stop there. Chaturbate, another major cam site, is taking this technology in a whole new direction: Vtuber cam girls. Vtubers are a recent class of digital personalities that are pretty novel for western audiences, but are very much at home in Japanese media, with the most popular being international pop sensation Hatsune Miku, followed by YouTube darling Kizuna Ai. 

These digital dolls are self-proclaimed AI, but in reality are controlled using motion capture technology. Their hentai counterparts are no different. Right now, the biggest Vtuber cam girl is ProjektMelody, but since her debut, more and more Vtubers are following in her footsteps. 

VR is a promising window into the future for live cams, but it definitely has its imitations. VR headsets may be commercially available now, but outside of the gaming community, you’d be hard pressed to find them in your average household. I certainly don’t have one lying around, anyway. This technology isn’t completely mainstream, but those that are are shaping new formats for cam sites right under our nose.

All eyes are on OnlyFans right now, without a doubt. And while the platform is still working out a small crisis of identity, its concept is extremely palatable to modern day porn fans. Paying for a monthly subscription to an entire library of videos and pictures in addition to live streams, rather than individual services or pieces of content, makes sense for a population that gorges themselves on other media subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify Premium.

Like most advancements in technology, improvements can come one tweak at a time or in leaps and bounds. When it comes to adult chat though, your imagination is the limit.

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