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A New Era of Sex on Cam?

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A New Era of Sex on Cam?

Is cybersex the new normal? Some might argue, yes! Now more than ever, people are getting it on, online. Couples and singles alike are keeping it safe and sexy through texting, image sharing, and video chatting in lieu of the traditional hookup. Adult webcam sites are exploding in popularity, with recent traffic skyrocketing to record-breaking numbers. 

We can easily attribute this recent trend to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this year, widespread lockdowns decimated the in-person dating scene with mass business closures that hit bars, restaurants, and clubs the hardest. Because of COVID-19’s contagious nature, hooking up was out of the question. 

Even now, with somewhat relaxed restrictions being the norm for most places around the world, global health officials gravely advise everyone to stay home as much as possible and avoid contact with those outside your immediate household if you can.

This level of isolation, of course, led the New York Health Department to give New Yorkers a serious “talk” about our sexual activity during the pandemic in the form of an official memo. The memo encourages them to have safe, socially distant sex using webcams instead of risky in-person meetups. 

While this may have been news to some, tech-savvy citizens have been having webcam sex long before the coronavirus outbreak. With features like Skype and Facetime having been out for years, its safe to say that modern couples more than likely already know their way around a webcam, and this isn’t some sudden leap into a technological dystopian world without real live sex. The fact is some of the best porn cams have tens of millions of registered users.

Entering relationships and engaging in sex online is nothing new. Online dating through websites and apps has been around for decades, with most 21st century singles having created a profile on at least one of them at some point during their lifetimes. 

With or without a pandemic to nudge us along, modern humans are already accustomed to using technology for our sexual gratification. After all, no one with access to the Internet is exclusively jacking it to skin magazines anymore.

Instead, porn fans are turning to live cam shows en masse. Live cam shows do what videos won’t: listen and respond in real time. These interactive shows create an intimacy between a cam model and their viewers that modern audiences love. Other popular media formats like Twitch and Youtube create spaces for relatable everyday people to be heard and, more importantly, admired, and the realm of virtual sex shows is no different. 

This craving for online proximity is merely magnified by the fact that during these stressful times, our friendships and romances are being put on trial with no clear end in sight. Without the usual spaces for socialization available, people are turning to the Internet for relief. 

As such, cam models don’t just provide an outlet for sexual frustration, but an overall angst towards the current climate as well. In the age of sex on cam, cam sites provide a forum of bonding and healing in ways that videos cannot, and the proof is in their newfound popularity.

Featured image by Nycolle Suabya from Pexels

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