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What Is A Session Like With A Professional Disciplinarian?


What Is A Session Like With A Professional Disciplinarian?

My personal views towards kink and alternative lifestyles are very open minded. If someone engages in their kink consensually with other adults, I do not believe that I have any right to judge nor do I want to. My kink may not be your kink but yours is just as important to you as mine is to me.  I understand that an alternative lifestyle is not for everyone and I actually believe that those of us that acknowledge and practice our kinks in a prudent, well planned manner are more evolved (and dare I say more intelligent) than our peers that do not explore their desires. I firmly believe that everyone has something that they either want to explore or have explored because it consumes them if they don’t. What your “vanilla” neighbor does behind closed doors may surprise you. 

I was brought up in a very religious household and made to feel guilty about things that were deemed “sinful” because it was not mainstream or in line with what God would want me to do.  I personally don’t feel that religion or one’s interpretation of the Bible can stop kinky urges and may even propel someone to try their kink in an unsafe way. That is part of why organized religion can really screw up someone who was born with the need to express themselves through their kink. It can be a difficult mental burden to bear when one is told that what drives them sexually is sinful, how horrible for someone to grow up with that burden.  It is part of the reason that I didn’t start exploring my kinky side until I was forty.

I also think that someone’s kink or fetish can be just as important to someone as who they are attracted to sexually.  It can also be that they identify their kink AS their sexuality. The two are often too difficult to separate and are intertwined with one’s sexual identity, and there is nothing wrong with that.  It is difficult to explain but easy to understand if you are kinky.  Now I do want to be clear that I do have an issue if someone wants to bring animals or children into their kink or fetish because children and animals do not understand and cannot consent.

What Inspired Me To Be A Professional Disciplinarian

Becoming a professional disciplinarian was actually the culmination of the perfect storm of circumstances for me. I had recently finished my Master’s degree and was looking for a career change, I had moved to Austin and left my old job in the criminal justice field behind.  I was in a really satisfying spanking relationship with a partner who believed in me and said I had a gift when it came to spanking and should pursue being a pro.

My husband also lost his job around the same time and it was the final straw and I decided it was time for me to strike out on my own. My first client reached out to me on Fetlife and asked if I spanked people professionally, I told him no but had thought about it and it snowballed from there. It moved rather quickly with me, I had my website up in a few days and started seeing people within a week.

Reasons Client Seek A Session With Me

Clients reach out to me for a variety of reasons. Some have always wanted to explore spanking as long as they could remember and don’t want to jump into an alternative relationship straight away. Some have been with other disciplinarians and like my approach or will be in Austin or one of the travel locations on my website. 

Some people want to find motivation for personal goals, some people want to role play favorite scenarios that have dreamed of for years, some people just want to be spanked by someone who loves doing it, doesn’t judge them, and encourages them to explore their kink.

What Goes On In A Typical Disciplinarian Session

A typical session with me usually takes one of three paths: motivational/goal setting. Role play, or “funishment”.  All of my sessions start out by me collecting information and dispersing information with an introductory email.  I go over what I will and won’t do, how much I will be compensated, and the type of impact, tolerance and preferred implements that I will use.

When I arrive to a session, I always start with discussing what they are looking to address for motivational sessions or how they want a role play session to progress. I pull appropriate implements and make sure that they are all okay for use during the session.  I know a lot of people don’t want to feel “in charge” of what is used or how intense I go but for my safety it is important to make sure that I am not using something or saying something that would trigger an unwanted emotion or feeling. That is something I don’t want to do and try my best to avoid.

A lot of the time I am meeting with someone I haven’t met before and do not want to put myself in unnecessary danger. After the initial discussion, I generally like to start with an over the knee spanking warm up, unless cold caning is desired or the role play does not call for it. I then will use several implements and either discuss goals or continue with a role play.  For funishment sessions it is generally chit chatting and getting to know a person better and discussing spanking and how it can be beneficial to us. 

I often encourage newcomers to reach out to others in the community or perhaps think about attending a spanking party. The worst part of having a kink is feeling alone. I try to let my clients know they are not alone, many others have these urges and it is perfectly normal.

What Should One Know Prior To A First Session With You?

First and foremost, my sessions are non-sexual in nature. Yes, I touch bare bottoms but I don’t touch genitals and will not allow any sort of supervised release or grinding on my lap. I only have punishment or discipline focused sessions only.  I am not a mind reader, if you want something to happen during a session you need to tell me, communication is key. I do not guarantee that I won’t bruise or leave marks, everyone is different. I believe that the use of safe words is necessary whether the client chooses to use them or not. They are there for all of our safety.

Often, I have noticed that people’s mind can handle more punishment than their bodies can. I know that I have had to stop when the client may feel they can take more but I am not looking to permanently scar or be involved in a blood bath.  I think that those that have not had sessions before should not forget fundamental hygiene and remember their manners. I am not a robot or an actress and I have all of my olfactory senses still working quite well. 

I also understand it can be a nerve wracking and sometimes scary situation to let someone else have control but that is the real reason that people book with me, they trust my expertise as a disciplinarian and they trust me as a compassionate person to let me know what is best for them.

Hi I am Miss Rachel, a Professional Disciplinarian in Austin, TX.  I specialize in motivational (goal setting), role play, and funishment sessions.  A session with me provides you with a safe place to explore spanking and gives you the opportunity to be accountable to yourself while letting go of your vanilla responsibilities.

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Miss Rachel

Hi I am Miss Rachel, a Professional Disciplinarian in Austin, TX. I specialize in motivational (goal setting), role play, and funishment sessions. A session with me provides you with a safe place to explore spanking and gives you the opportunity to be accountable to yourself while letting go of your vanilla responsibilities.


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