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20 Questions With Adult Model Hadi Hart


20 Questions With Adult Model Hadi Hart

SimplySxy follows up with Hadi Hart after her feature on Loving Blowjobs. Find out more below and things you never knew about Hadi before!

1) Tell me about yourself?

My name is Hadi. I’m 23, Dominican born and raised in Miami Florida. I’m just your regular college graduate who loves to fuck and doesn’t care who knows it.

2) How did you decide that you want to try something exciting like this?

I started on Tumblr when I was 18 and I mostly just did it for my self-esteem I would take nudes and just love the feedback I got. It wasn’t until I was like 19? Then I met a friend who got me into the sugar baby lifestyle. And that really opened my eyes to the sex work community. And I just kept going and I loved recording and being recorded. It just seemed like the next best step for me personally.

And I am kind of a nympho maniac so it keeps me at bay honestly. But to be fair I had no idea about online sex work until my friend told me about it, he convinced me to start a Twitter. And it was one of the smartest things I have ever done.

3) What excites you the most about your work here?

What excites me most is seeing my fans happy, I love feeling the power and seeing the excitement on their face or hearing about how happy I make them. It started off and is mostly about body positivity when it comes to my work but I do have to say I have a slight sadistic side to me that gets off on getting people off.

4) When your fans comment on your body, how do you feel?

Sometimes it hurts, I’m human. And I’m not perfect and that’s ok. But luckily I have an amazing support system which keeps me grounded at all times. Self esteem will always be an issue for me and a lot of others but it’s an every day job to love yourself.

5) How did you loose your virginity?

I actually planned it…like a weirdo. A lot of my friends wanted it (my virginity) and I was like fuck that. I’m gonna decide. So I chose a kid that was apart of my group of friends and I thought he was cute and I lost my virginity in a house with my best friends in the other rooms also having sex….I was a very weird/wild 17 year old.

6) Any interesting stories, that you would like to share with your fans?

Honestly I have too many horror stories to tell but I have definite rules to follow. Never have sex because you feel pressure. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready and that’s ok. Never feel like if you’re not a sexual person that something is wrong with you. And being different is fucking awesome. Be who you are and fuck everyone who tells you to change.

7) What turns you on?

Confidence, and honestly good conversation. If you can talk and actually have something start to say then you’re halfway there with me.

8) What are your hidden fantasies?

My hidden fantasies, hmmmm that’s interesting, I have a lot of them. But I would have to say that I would love to be “kidnapped” and “taken advantage of” and gangbanged. I’m a very sexually deviant person and love weird things!

9) Do you love kinky gifts? Give some examples!

YES! I love kinky gifts! I have a few onesies and even nipple clamps that I got from some fans that I use all the time during play!

10) When you posted your first naked picture on Twitter, where you nervous/excited?

I was super excited, I was like fuck yes, finally. I’m actually doing this.

11) What is your favorite position?

With an ass like mine?….Hellloooo definitely doggy. Or I like to be on top haha.

12) What do you like sexually? What get you wet?

I’m the kind of person that gets hot even by someone’s voice. Just by saying the right things to me can get me wet. I love being embarrassed or humiliated in a way. I love to be challenged and made to back down.

13) Are you submissive or dominant?

I am actually a switch. I’m dominant with women but submissive with men most of the time. I’m a brat and love to challenge people sexually.

14) What was your favorite porn genre?

Lesbian definitely. My first ever porn was a girl orgy funny enough.

15) Do you have any favorite movies?

The Harry Potter series will always have my heart.

16) What is your favorite food?

Right now it’s anything peanut buttery.

17) What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Hmmmm I’ve eaten and finger fucked a mans’ ass?

18) Are there things you do at home that you won’t do at work or vice versa?

When it comes to my vanilla job I’m obviously a different person, but to be honest, porn me and the real me are the same person.

19) What are your views on public sex or showing off your body in public?

I’m okay with it as long as you don’t involve anyone else who’s non-consenting into it. Other then that fucking go for it!

20) What will be your message to your lovely fans out there?

Thank you to everyone who’s been here with me from the beginning! I appreciate all the love from my fans and friends from the SW community. I love what I do and I hope you’re enjoying what I do as well. Thank you for being a fan, and for those who don’t know me. Come check me out!

Hadi Hart – I’m 23 and just graduated with my Bachelors. I have been in sex work since I was 19, and fell in love with the body positivity and acceptance movement of it all. I’m from Miami and am a BBW content creator.

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Hadi Hart

I am Hadi Hart, I’m 23 and just graduated with my bachelors. I have been in sex work since I was 19, and fell in love with the body positivity and acceptance movement of it all. I’m from Miami and am a BBW content creator.


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