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Why Do Men Love Buying Used Panties?


Why Do Men Love Buying Used Panties?

If you would have asked me this exact question, on my views towards kink, four years ago, my answer would be very different! I have always been a very open-minded person, but I have become even more open minded and understanding of the kink/fetish world since becoming a panty seller and content creator. It’s important to remember everyone’s kinks stem from somewhere. Why does one person like sniffing used panties, while another finds it “weird?” I’m always interested in these answers, and I do believe this is part of what keeps me so engaged in this business.

Why I Decided To Sell My Panties

Simply put, I was looking for something fun and exciting to do while still making money. My husband actually suggested selling my panties. I made a Twitter account, (which is long gone now and since been replaced with a new one) and within a couple of days I had my first buyer. He informed me of a website called Pantydeal. I signed up and 338 reviews later, I’m still an active member of the site today.

I’ve also made panty sales through my new Onlyfans page. There are panty lovers everywhere, and I love being able to provide them with their kinky fetish fix. It’s exciting knowing someone else has my scent in their hands.

Why My Panties Are Unique

I’m not sure if I would call it unique or not, but I haven’t shown my face since I started in this business. Surprisingly, a lot of my clients love this aspect. They love the “fantasy” and unknown piece of it. I do also love to engage in 420 activities, which can make for some very fun videos. A lot of my clients LOVE that. My newest unique quality has to stem from my new boobs. Lactophilia lovers are very enticed at this current time.

What My Regular Clients Are Like

There are always panty buyers out there. I’ve been booked for months at a time in the past. Of course, there’s always slow times too. During those slow times I will focus more on promoting other services, such as my Onlyfans page or custom video and photo requests.

I often get asked what a normal panty buying client is like, but there really is no one answer for that question! I’ve had such a variety of personality with my repeat clients. Some of them prefer to stay discreet and only chat to place their orders with me. I respect that completely. I’ve had clients of all ages as well; from 21 to 65 years old. A lot of clients prefer custom videos made along with their worn panties. Some prefer the panties worn multiple days. A lot more thought and time goes into panty buying and wearing than the average person might think!

Reasons Men Buy Used Panties

Clients buy panties for all sorts of reasons! Some simply enjoy the pleasure of sniffing them. Others buy them to wear themselves, and some buy them to use while masturbating. And by use them, I mean physically. This is why a lot of panty buyers prefer silk or satin material

For a lot of clients, it’s about forming some sort of connection through the panties. They want to know the woman they’re coming off and the story behind them. It makes it that much more exciting when their panties have a “story.”

Are Custom Requests With Panties Common?

Yes, all types! I mentioned a lot of panty clients prefer custom videos to go along with their panty purchases. Some request they be worn multiple days, or I even have a few clients who prefer to purchase them unworn! In addition to panties and custom content, I have sold socks, lingerie, lollipops, workout wear, jeans, shoes, and probably other items I’m forgetting to mention.

When it comes to the fetish panty world, almost anything goes!

I’m Alexa! A playful, but naughty MILF. Panty seller, content creator, & more depending on the day 😉 Let’s have some fun together.

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I’m Alexa! A playful, but naughty MILF. Panty seller, content creator, & more depending on the day ;) Let’s have some fun together.


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