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What To Know About Sissy Training


What To Know About Sissy Training

I live my life as a Goddess and embrace the lifestyle of kink/BDSM. I think every person is kinky, this can be bedroom slap and tickle for example, the lighter sides seen on social media, or from some well known online sellers to those who are very heavy into kinky play and visit others to live out those kinks.

BDSM as a general term, is often used as a gateway into the realm of kink and opens up many doors to play. For myself, I have many kinks which are embraced from pet play, impact play, panty selling and feminization/sissy play, which is what we shall be delving into today.

I first discovered kink in my sexual awakening and have jumped headlong into it since, it has taken many years of exploring and learning to get to where I am now and happy to call myself a Pro Domme – although I still am always learning more and more.

I love how kink offers closeness in relationships which I have found others cannot. Kink relationships to me are as close as partners (or more so) due to the deep trust and connections which are made in sessions and of course, with friends you meet in the scene or at events. The highs of a wonderful session are what make myself and many come back for more. It’s not to say I am chasing the high, I love what I do and need it to feel myself.

What Is Sissy Training?

Sissy training from my point is a male who wants to be put in situations to be feminine, this can be maid training, sluts, princess to name a few aspects. It often involves chastity or small penis humiliation (not always) as well as dressing up. Most of the dressing up involves panties, I do love it when it’s my pre-worn undies so they smell like a female, also which helps create the scene more. A lot of sissies do enjoy strap-on or cock training which can have links into coerced bi or cuckold, but there are equally the same amount who just enjoying a female using a strap-on on them.

I love it for many reasons…I love the change (which can be humiliation or embracing the switch) as well as what I can do to help facilitate the kink. If they are a slutty type it can be putting them in crotchless panties, red lipstick and making them enjoy pleasure in many forms (i.e. self and strap-ons).

I love sissies being treated like a tart, smearing their lipstick with my strap-on (I have a few sizes and shapes) and often ending with some cum eating, which can be their own or anothers if into cuckolding, for example.

I am equally exploring hypnosis which works well with sissy bimbos such as Barbie style sissies who think nothing but wanting to look pretty. It equally works well with what I enjoy, which is making a toy of my plaything.

Reasons Subs Love Sissy Training

Sissy/feminization play came to me as a humiliation at first but I equally learned it’s not always about humiliation for the ones dressing, it’s a way to be girly, feel sexy, be used as escapism and then those who actually wish to be a girl.

So the men who come to me want to embrace being treated like a maid, a girl or humiliated by their clothes being taken away. Many of the aspects do have a sexual leading them to be such, but not all, I don’t offer all those who come to mine the chance to relief themselves sexually. For example, pleasure whores can be kept in chastity or be made to cum many times in a session and maids are often in chastity.

Not all sissies are submissive, most I have come across are as that’s who I like to deal with. I have found most like to be restrained and guided in submissive training.

What A Typical Sissy Training Involves

One of my favourite scenes is my damsel, it’s a rope scene play which they dress in lovely undies and I tie them up to which they try to escape…if they do they get punished and we try many different ties as well as timed escapes. But equally, I do love a good maid who turns up dressed in a maids uniform and does my cleaning, no questions or other play.

I have a personal sissy who is a maid, slut, hypnosis plaything and gives pleasure to gentlemen I desire for them to. This sissy also has a sissy tattoo, and can be found on Twitter as @tweenie_weenie for her training. So a sissy can have many lessons and embrace all aspects of being sissy as well as being submissive.

What To Expect If You’re A First Timer

Read up on it as it’s so varied, find out what works for you and explore with someone safely. There are many sites out there which can help you learn, but slowly does it.

The training can take time and it isn’t something that will click over night, keep working at it and learning more as you go!

Goddess Kikka Jennie – Ellie may have been a late bloomer sexually, but she fully enjoys adventures with friends now, in and out of the bedroom. She enjoys traveling to explore new places and cuddling up for a good movie. She sells used panties and other items online along with pictures and videos.

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Goddess Kikka Jennie

In the realm of fetish I am rather hedonistic, an extremely kinky person who lives her fetishes. Being a Lifestyle Dominant I only have access to my personal playroom at the moment, which is rapidly expanding and changing.


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