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The Slave’s Suppose To Know…


The Slave’s Suppose To Know…

I’m here in the middle of nowhere, alone with my only friend, the Fear. That unbearable feeling of not knowing. Maybe I should had it see coming? Working for her! Only if I had never screwed up that contract!

Now, no one can hear me except my frightening thoughts of the near so-close future consequences of my strictly forbidden love for my Lady Eve!

Two nights and days passed. The potent stenches in the room had faded in the wind, the cold freezing air out through the open window that kept Goddess Eves bound slave shivering and suffering in silence and alone.

All those stenches had dispersed the room but not where I had laid for two whole days, bound to a table. cemented in those horrible smells of cum and sweat and old cigarettes. My body was trembling in cold suffering. My balls has shrunken in the cold and my cock, still swollen and hurting from Goddesses abuse, was starting to turn a faint shade of purple.

Suddenly it begins to twitch as I’m alerted by the distant sound of Goddesses’ foot steps. They get louder and louder as they echo in the room. My heart starts to race, that after two days of isolation and suffering, that I am greeted by someone.

I hesitate at the thought if that’s worth it at the cost of Goddesses ‘extensive’ torture and abuse. It’s too late to answer myself as you finally approach and stand beside me. As harshly cold in the room as it is, you prepare considerably wearing a tight, shiny, black leather uniform and dawning a long black trench coat.

The table I am strapped down to is level with your waist. You remove one of your black leather gloves to reveal your pale white hand. Your light skin contrasts all that black leather I think. You graze your bare fingers across my frozen and bruised skin. It hurts a little bit, but it still feels nice to feel the warmth of your soft and heavenly skin.

You trace your fingers across all my scars from your thrashings. The scars have swelled in the cold air. All the more to display that I am owned by my Goddess. You feel the cold touch of my frozen skin. You can only imagine how much it suffered as your slave and that brings you so much pleasure and makes you grin. You remove your long leather jacket, revealing your tight black leather uniform. I bite on my lip in bashful arousal. I can’t hide how aroused my cock is. You rest your long jacket on a hanger in the corner of the room.

Walking back towards me, you return holding a strap-on. At first sighting my body clenches, already feeling swollen, bruised and frozen stiff. Not prepared for such ownage, though instead you to attach it to my waist… strapped down already, I am unable to protest or make resistance.

You get on top of me on the table, looking down at my frightened, submissive expression and my used restrained state. You slide your tight leather pants down bellow your thighs. I take notice at the contrast between the black leather and your exposed pale, white skin. It just makes my Goddesses body ever so more sexy and alluring.

You lubricate the strap-on and begin to adjust your ass exactly below the black, six inch strap-on as you slowly lower your butt down on it. I can feel the base of strap-on dig into my stomach as the tip of the shaft squeezes down against your butt cheeks. Slowly you push it deeper and deeper in your butt till your ass is resting on my cold stomach.

Soon you begin to move up and down on the strap-on at a steady but faster pace as your head rolls back and you completely ignore that I am alive. As cold as I may be and as warming it is to feel your perfect skin against my cold suffering, the base of the strap-on digging at my stomach hurts oh so much and the constant repetition of your ass cheeks smacking my frozen body and lifting back up as you ride that strap-on feels so very painful.

You start to ride the strap-on harder. I in return, grown and grunt as you smash your cheeks up and down my waist, riding that black cock, thrusting harder and harder..

You lift your butt up and off the springing thick strap-on and seat yourself on my chest. My chest is heaving. Breaths deep and intense from all that fucking I didn’t even have the joy to feel but nothing should make me happier than to be used by Goddess in any such way however that may please or pleasure her. After being left alone, freezing naked and strapped to a table for two days and two nights, I should be so lucky to have this.

You do look so warm and comfortable in your black leather outfit. My eyes gaze at that long black leather coat of yours in the corner though such a well tailored and high quality piece of attire is only exclusive to a pure and dominant Goddess.

You take notice at my gaze and see my desire. You slide that leather glove back over your hand and begin to slap my face and slap my check. Goddess slaps me relentlessly as I lay there under her and take her discipline and dominance obediently. My face is bruised black and red. One of my eyes is only half open. My look on my bruised and beaten face. You paid me no mercy, and my defeated and suffered beaten state turns you on immensely. “I need to fuck slave,” you remark, moving back down to my stomach, now positioning your pussy just above the long black strap-on as you slowly push down on it as it fits deeper and deeper in your precious cunt.

You lay your body face down on my own. Your crotch at my waist and your breasts pressing down on my beaten face as you thrust and ram and pound your pussy against that black cock attached to my body. Whilst you ride and fuck that strap-on, you unzip the upper half of your shiny leather outfit.

Your gorgeous, perfect, white breasts pop out and you not so gently grab me by the hair and guide my lips to meet your erect nipple. I suck my Goddesses’ wonderful nipple as you fuck that dildo attached to my waist. Still pulling me by the hair, you shift my head to suck your other nipple. I take it into my mouth and suck and submit and worship.

You ram yourself harder down on that plastic cock. Now you hold my head in-between your breasts, pressing me against your heaving bosom as you thrust in and out of that cock. You hold my head tighter against your smothering breasts the closer you come to climax. My waist and thighs begin to feel numb as you pound in and out, fucking that dildo. You hold me so tight between your huge and perfect boobs as you thrust faster and faster and climax all over that thick black piece of plastic.

You just lay on top of me, heaving and breathing heavily. That orgasm enveloping you whilst my waist cramps and aches. At least I get to feel Goddess’ warm whilst remaining completely naked in this freezing cold room. You un-strap the dildo from my waist, red markings remain having been buckled and strapped so tightly on my frame. You wipe the cum covered strap-on over my body to wipe it clean but you put it in my mouth and force it down my throat to suck it clean anyway.

You make sure that plastic dick fits all the way down my throat. “You look like you are warming up a bit slut,” you remark. “You must be so thirsty and hungry…” I nod my head desperately in admittance while sucking that plastic cock clean for you.

You pull the strap-on from out of my mouth. My breaths are heavy but then my eyes gleam at the thought of quenching my hunger. You look down at me at smirk, “Then how about a warm drink from my cunt because I need a good piss after a good fuck…

You derive so much pleasure from the reality hitting me. I submit in subservience and obedience in my strapped down circumstance as you move nearer. My face is between your legs and then you straddle my face, your legs hang off the edge of the table.

Now I don’t want you swallowing my urine straight away… You got that slut! If you can hold all my urine in your mouth for however long your Goddess decrees …. Then I will unstrap one of your wrists and maybe sometimes I will let you touch your cock. You got that!” I nod in obedience.

You make sure you are positioned correctly and let out a warm stream of golden salty piss into my open mouth. I make a great effort not to swallow a single drop of your urine as my mouth begins to fill up and bloat with piss.

I have to breath through my nose. The strong pungent scent of your urine filling up my mouth runs through my nostrils. It makes me not want to smell but it’s the only way I can stay alive and still submit to and obey your demands. You sit on my chest, thighs on either side between my face. You watch me hold that urine in my mouth, smirking at my bloated expression, struggling, tears streaming down my eyes.

You pick up a cigar from the pack that rested on the table. Lighting it with a wooden match, you inhale the tar and smoke and blow it in my face… My eyes tear up more and now red and stinging.

When I finish this expensive Cuban piece, you are allowed to drink my urine slave.” I nod my head quickly, your piss sloshes around in my mouth. I hold every drop in.

You blow another puff of smoke in my face as you take pleasure and content in all my struggles and teary eyes. I can feel my tongue drowning in your urine the scent so unbearable. Another puff of smoke in my face and another. My throat feels so bitter and dry having sucked and cleaned your strap-on, I feel so tempted to swallow your urine to moisten my hurting throat.

I try to think about the cigar, your smoke, your gorgeous deadly beauty but your urine still envelops my tortured senses. Finally, the cigar begins to cinder lesser, and then no more, and you give me permission to swallow.

The heavy thick stream of your urine washes down my throat like a crashing river. My, I still can feel your golden rain in my mouth and abused tongue. I can taste that salty piss running all the way down my throat. The scent exits my mouth and re-enters through my nostrils. I am utterly over powered and overwhelmed and absolutely dominated.

Having lifted yourself off of me off the table, pulling up your tight leather black pants and zipping your leather black shirt, the sound of your tapping boots taking you to your long black leather coat. You reach one arm out to put it in whilst walking further away towards the door way leaving me completely restrained again.

Aren’t you going to free one of my arms Goddess, didn’t you say you would!?.” Your slave cries out. “I don’t remember where I put the key, it might turn up eventually,” you respond as your voice distances as does the sound of your tapping footsteps, leaving me in bondage again. “Goddess”

…and alone again! I want more! OMG! If only I had never become a counsellor in the Lady Eve’s Financial Trust Office!

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