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Italian Cosplayer Lynne


Italian Cosplayer Lynne

Hi! Hello! Thanks for having me! My name’s Lynne and I’m from Italy. I’m a cosplayer since 2010 and my favorite hobbies are drawing, dancing and playing videogames! I also love doing and creating make-up looks and I love discovering new techniques for crafting and making my cosplays the most accurate possible!

I am very supportive and I really hope you guys will be too with me! <3

How did you discover cosplay and get interested in it?

In 2010, my older sister brought me to a cosplay event held in a big park near my city, it was a relatively small event but it was filled with people cosplaying many characters I didn’t know at the time. Now looking back, I can totally see myself being fascinated by all of that color, happiness and joy that surrounded me.

I was eleven years old and decided that the next time an event of this kind was held, I would also bring a cosplay! And I did! This is how I sew myself my first costume ever, giving life to the hobby that I love most in the world.

What do you love about cosplaying?

I love the fact that you can be whoever you love. Doing cosplay you can break down any wall of sex, gender, age or anything else. Today you are an alien, tomorrow maybe you will be a cat girl! And the best thing is the family that is created among friends known like this .. every time I attend a con, I am more and more convinced how this is a therapeutic hobby, how the hours spent in building and making my cosplay perfect are well invested and how I cannot wait to participate again!

Which is a memorable cosplaying experience you have had that you can share with us?

I remember the first time someone recognized the character I was bringing. Cosplay in Italy has arrived relatively recently, maybe twenty years or so, then a few years ago to find wigs or decent fabrics or in general materials, it was almost impossible or in any case very difficult. Especially for me that I was really small!

Then, one day, I wore my cosplay made with things that were thrifted and adapted as best I could, and a girl dressed by another character from the same series stopped to look at me, for then basically shouting, “Oh my god! You are (name of character!)” and ran towards me making space among a thousand strangers just to be able to have a picture with me, that at the time I was nobody, if not someone just dressed as her favorite character … and I’ll never forget her joy in looking at me!

What is a typical day like for yourself?

Usually when I wake up after drinking my sacred coffee I check my e-mail, and then I repeat or learn new dance choreographies! I often stop and draw or, like these days, I organize the photoshoot of my next cosplay!

If you could time travel, where will you go?

I will be crazy but I would like to visit America too in the 20s and 30s! There is something in those years that somehow fascinates me incredibly.

Do you believe in any superstition?

Incredibly not! I broke numerous mirrors, dropped salt too many times and let black cats cross the street before me, yet I never saw any differences in my life! I like to see the positive side in everything, so do I break a mirror? Look how beautiful the effect of when I try to re-glue it! Do I drop salt? Let’s throw it behind us, bad luck that will bring me luck! Do you pass me a black cat in front? After him! We have to pet it!!

What is a lame or awkward attempt a guy has tried to know you?

It often happens to me that guys (but sometimes even girls) ask me at first glance, the first ever message, which is my favorite position. Without any apparent reason, it seems to him the best question to try with me. My answer? CEO.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Lynne. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

Sexy for me is anything that makes you think you are really beautiful, inside and out. It is not a tight miniskirt or a 12″ heel to decide whether you are sexy or not. It’s how you feel inside, how you relate to the other sex. Do you like your smile / pout / nose? Use it to give you a rush of security that is the most sensual thing there is.

Thanks for this lovely opportunity! Hope to see you soon <3

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