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What One Should Know Before Meeting An Escort

Sex Ed

What One Should Know Before Meeting An Escort

To be honest, when I was just a civie, I never thought I would enter sex work. I never demonized it. I always knew woman were using sex work as a catapult to move up the socioeconomic ladder in society, so I was all for it, but as a career choice I never saw myself becoming a companion. Consequently, myself like most others, associated a stigma with SP’s, Sex work and the industry as whole. There are always questions about sanitation safety, location, how reliable is the money and confidentiality.

For starters, to burst that bubble of sex workers are “dirty” because we sleep with X amount of men is so untrue. I would say 90% of the sex workers I know including myself  are “safe play only” providers. Which means everything is covered, and there is no bodily fluid contact or exchange. So, on top of offering safe services, we also get tested frequently, evidently because of the career choice we are in. There’s an awesome book to understand the psyche of a sex worker or just to understand the business as a whole called “Thriving In Sex Work, Heartfelt Advice For Staying Sane In The Sex Industry” by Lola Devine. I’m in the process of reading the last two chapters and it’s a good book for both civies and sex workers to get a general grasp of the business.

Looking back to when I first started, I was very ignorant towards the fact that yes, sex work is a multifaceted rewarding job and SP’s wear many hats between being our own boss. We are also our own marketing team, accountant, web designer, blogger and receptionist/secretary, just to name a few. I personally feel SP’s are true hustlers to the very core and essence. We embody the true saying of “getting to the bag“. I love sex work. It has granted me many opportunities and also the freedom to do what I want, when I want, and has helped me grow individually as a person and as a business women too. Sex work is work and to thrive in this business, you must treat it as such.

How Do You Screen Clients?

I love this question. Let me start by saying, the first forms of screening are initiated within first contact. What a lot of potential clients don’t realize is how you present yourself, whether it be through your first text or email to me, I’m analyzing it and can pretty much tell whether or not I want to engage further or even finish reading your text or email. As SP’s we get so, so many texts and emails a day that it becomes very apparent who is a time waster and who genuinely would like to book a rendezvous.

When you first make that initial contact with a SP, start with a short introduction “Hi my name is ________ , I am _________ . I saw your add on ________ , I would like to book you for ______ hours on __________.” That is good and all that is needed with first contact. After I have received a bit of info on you, it is my pleasure to respond and send you my booking form via email which includes light screening (i.e. two references, photo ID with pertinent info blacked out, work info and an email back from your work email or LinkedIn and a deposit). If a potential client can’t provide all the info, there are ways to work around it as not all methods are required to confirm booking.

One thing though I would really like clients to understand is we as SP’s don’t know nothing about you. Them on the other hand, if they have done their due diligence, have taken the time to read our websites, visited our social media handles and reviewed our adds, which gives you a better understanding and idea of who we are and what type of provider we are.

It’s only fair to give us that common courtesy in return. First impressions are everything, make sure to introduce yourself during initial contact.

Do’s & Don’ts For Clients To Follow

Yes there are some “ Do’s and Don’ts “

  1. Do be polite. I know I speak for myself and many other SP’s. Don’t just text Avail? at three in the morning. Read our website to know what times we are available at so you can get a faster response. And even if we are available, it doesn’t mean we are ready right now for you to pop up at our incall.
  2. Don’t bombard our phones with multiple back to back texts or emails. If we haven’t responded, chances are we are catching up on texts or emails and will respond to you as soon as possible or you haven’t really peaked our interest to return an email or text back because you haven’t taken the time to introduce yourself.
  3. Do try to send screening info and references promptly. If you are aware that we are the type of provider to screen, provide the info and if you’re mid-comfortable with a providers’ screening method, they are not the provider for you.
  4. Do not haggle or negotiate rates. My rates are firm and are set to that amount for very specific reasons. Trying to lowball me will get you blacklisted.
  5. Do be yourself. There are a lot of nerves involved in the whole process between booking and when our eyes first. Take a deep breath and be present in the moment. This is your time you booked with me. I live for genuine moments so let’s create them.

What Happens At The Meet Up

When we first meet, my donation should be the first thing taken care of always. Business before pleasure. I prefer it to be given to me in my hand where then, while you get yourself comfortable, I can excuse myself to count it then return to start our rendezvous. I do offer GFE so depending on what the client prefers, we can curl up on the couch, and start off with a movie.

I can chef it up in the kitchen or we could take it to the bedroom where I could give you a sensual massage. It’s really up to the client and what he needs/wants. As long as the clients ask me to do something that’s offered in my services, I will be more than happy to fulfil their request. Be vocal with me so I can know what you, that way you leave as a happy client.

Ways To Ease Any Nerves

First off, I always greet my clients with a smile. I feel that’s so important to let you know everything is fine. Absolutely you will be well taken care of. I am a very bubbly person and love to have conversations, so expect me to strike up a conversation. I hate when interactions become mechanical. We are two human beings not robots.

I know for some clients, the whole process can be nerve racking. I usually start by asking them how their day was, and offer them a drink. I love when my clients are able to slip away into total bliss, let go and feel welcome and wanted. Even if it’s just for a short time, I feel like we create our own little Utopia together.

Client Etiquette To Follow

Yes, there is etiquette I would like potential clients to know. I pride myself on cleanliness and I expect my clients to reciprocate that. Please wash up when you come. If you have had a long day at work or even if you showered 2-3 hours before coming, please freshen up. There are toiletries and towels available for use. Secondly, please be mindful of the amount of time you booked. It gets very uncomfortable when I have to remind clients it’s time to get ready to leave. About ten minutes before our session is supposed to end is a good amount time to start freshening up.

How A Client Can Become My Favorite

A client can become my favourite with one being polite (as you can see, respect goes a long way with me) to filling out my booking form fully and correctly and sending a deposit. We SP’s love deposits because it reassures us you are committed to showing up for your booking. A lot of time and preparation goes into a booking on our end. So, even if a client has to cancel last minute because of an emergency or simply re-schedule, the deposit compensates me for a portion of my time, money and effort spent on the preparation to host and look fabulous for our time together. Also, doing/giving tokens of appreciation go a long way. I happen to be human and a woman too hahaha.

Surprising me with items from my wish lists is very much appreciated or simply asking what I like before hand so you can bring a gift to our appointment works too. In regards to safety and screening, potential clients need to keep in mind we do not know what you look like or know who you are. Chances are though, you as the potential client have done your due diligence in selecting a companion. You have checked all our social media handles. Have even check out our blog and current adds. Extend the same courtesy to us by giving us basic info on who you are, when you would like to book for and for how long.

Also, tipping a little extra is highly recommended if you enjoyed our services. I’m not sure why tipping sex workers is not a more common thing. As far as longer dates go which I actually prefer, making reservations for us in a nice upscale restaurant for dinner, drinks and dessert is always a win in my books. At the end of the day, if you want to be my favourite you must go the extra mile to prove so. I’m a classy woman and old fashioned, I like to be wined and dined.

Stormy Webbs – Greetings, my name is Stormy Webbs. I am a VIP companion, webcam model and content creator based out of Toronto, Canada. I ooze radiance and confidence when I enter the room and smile. I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life and love to experience new things, whether it be a new restaurant, exhibit attraction, or simply a new movie. I get a thrill out of first experiences. Follow me on Twitter and Snapchat to see more or visit my website to book a session with me!

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Stormy Webbs

Greetings, my name is Stormy Webbs. I am a VIP companion, webcam model and content creator based out of Toronto, Canada. I ooze radiance and confidence when I enter the room and smile. I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life and love to experience new things, whether it be a new restaurant, exhibit attraction, or simply a new movie. I get a thrill out of first experiences. Follow me on Twitter and Snapchat to see more or visit my website to book a session with me!


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