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Model & Burlesque Dancer Kia Sangria


Model & Burlesque Dancer Kia Sangria

I am from New York City, The Bronx to be specific (Where the famous Joker Steps are)

What hobbies and interests do you have?

That’s hard because I love a lot of things my hobbies include Cosplay, Burlesque, and Modeling. In terms of my interests I enjoy comic book movies and pop-culture, I’m also a makeup fiend. I have enough eyeshadow palettes to cover my queen sized bed!

Which is your most or one of your more memorable travel experiences so far?

I took a trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2018 and it was beautiful! I got chased by a peacock, it was truly wild.

Do you believe in any superstition?

Hmmm…Yes and no, as a practicing witch, I do know that there are things out there that cannot be explained but at the same time, there are things that can be explained scientifically.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or experience but have yet to find the time for it?

I’ve always wanted to host my own Podcast! I’m still strongly considering it and have been jotting down show topics in my journal!

Have you been in an embarrassing situation that is funny now when looking back?

I’m convinced that anyone who doesn’t have an answer to this isn’t human. Of course I have! Once upon a time maybe two years ago while performing on stage, I farted during my burlesque act! I was so mortified because it had never happened before and it was anything but sexy.

The worst part? I couldn’t even express my embarrassment because I was performing in character and had to keep up the sexy appearance. Lucky for me, my music was loud enough to hide the toot, but yeah it still haunts me.

If you could have a superpower, what will it be?

I would love to be able to see infinite possibilities in life.

What do you not get about guys?

I understand the men pretty well, as a woman in this world I have no choice but to be aware of men, their actions, and their mentality. At this point it’s like breathing and there isn’t really anything mysterious to me about the male collective. I would even go so far as to say women understand you better than you guys understand yourselves at times.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Kia. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

It’s going to be so cliche for me to say, “Sexy is what you make of it”.

Sexy to me is owning everything about yourself physically and spiritually and saying, “This is hot and I enjoy what it is I have”. To be honest, I still struggle with seeing myself as sexy but this is usually what I default to.

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Images from Kareem Montes

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