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Ways To Enjoy A Date

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Ways To Enjoy A Date

A good date starts from the moment an admirer sends me an email. That initial correspondence sets the tone for the rest of our interactions. If he starts it off by simply saying when am I free or how soon can we meet, with no thought put into the email, then I know he just found the first person who caught his eye and reached out to them.

However, if a gent sends me a thoughtful note sprinkled with flattering compliments, has taken the time to read my website, browse my Twitter and on top of that, wants to plan a date that we both will enjoy, then I know he will be someone I will want to see again. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t like gifts or going to Michelin star restaurants, but that isn’t what makes a good date per say.

It’s the thought. Did he take the time to ask me what type of food I like or what are some restaurants I’ve been dying to go to. I had a gent take me rock climbing recently based off a previous date where we talked about some of our hobbies. Now, that was what I would consider a fabulous date. It’s really the thought that counts!

Expectations I Have Of My Date

Yes, first impressions are everything. I have expectations of my admirers. They are pretty simple and easy, but you’d be surprised how difficult some people make it for me and for themselves. Screening and not wasting my time are some of the biggest issues I initially face with gents. If you can’t properly fill out my contact form, then we can’t meet. Simple as that.

Common Mistakes Men Make During A Date

Disrespecting me. Some men either take advantage of how nice I can be and try to push the limits of what they can or can’t do. Whether that’s intimately or in not being considerate of my time.

Or when a guy tries to prod too much into my personal life. I love conversation and connecting with people, but there are certain topics that are just off limits. My love life for example, is one of them. Asking if I’m seeing anyone is a huge turn off. Mainly because it makes me uncomfortable when I’m spending time with a guy and he’s more interested in who I’m dating than us having a good time. LOL.

Enjoying My Date

I always make sure to express my gratitude and thanks when I’m having a good time during a date. And I always thank them when I’m getting ready to leave. If you see me smiling, it’s probably a pretty good indication that the date is going well.

Tips For Dates Who Might Be Nervous

Be yourself! I never want anyone to feel uncomfortable around me, I try to make you feel as at ease and relaxed as possible. I want this to be an enjoyable time for us both. I know it can be somewhat nerve wracking for people sometimes and so I always like to start off with some small talk to lighten the mood up a bit, maybe even throw in a little humor.

Laughter always makes people feel more at ease or sharing my experience as well. Truth be told, I get nervous sometimes too! It’s a totally naturally thing and nothing to feel bad about. Music is also a great way to set the mood too. I always love asking people what their favorite type of music is. Great conversation starter too!

Emma Andrews – SF based hedonist and coquette. Ardent fashionista and world traveler.

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“There are two ways to reach me: by way of kisses or by way of the imagination. But there is a hierarchy: the kisses alone don’t work.” – Anais Nin

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Emma Andrews

SF based hedonist & coquette. Ardent fashionista & world traveler.


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