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How To Please A Woman

Sex Ed

How To Please A Woman

Well my personal outlook on sex is that it’s a beautiful art form created by two people. Intertwining emotion and feelings. It showcases the animal we have inside us. It’s a cosmic journey in between two bodies and two minds. It’s a elevation of the spirit. It’s the bonding of two souls. Sex is the closest that two people can get to each other. Sex is an act. You do it. It doesn’t magically happen. You set forth and make it happen.

Some people get sex and love mixed up. Love is an emotion, sex is an action. It’s a wonderful thing when used for positive purposes. It keeps you attractive and feeling young. Sex is a very healthy part of the human experience. Without sex, none of us would exist today. Now people are opening up sexually and starting to feel good about themselves. They are starting to learn their kinks and likes and learning how to please their partner.

Are Men Clueless About What Women Want?

That’s a misconception to those who are aware of what a woman wants and how to fulfill those needs. Those who haven’t educated themselves on the things that drives women crazy. Those who don’t understand the woman’s body, yet alone their own.

I used to work at a adult bookstore in my 20’s and all my friends who knew I worked there thought I was a freak, just looking at all the naked women in the naughty magazines, when in my down time I was actually reading all the books. The Karma Sutra, The Ultimate Love Making Book, Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Ask, a lot of books that taught me something about bettering my sex life. I used to bring home Nina Hartley’s instructional videos and I would watch and study them. I know it may sound crazy that I do so much research on sex, but I wanted to learn the right things I needed to know to make a sexual experience with me everlasting.

When we leave each other’s presence, her body will be still lingering for yours. Guys need to watch for the signals that a woman is telling you that she’s ready for you. The subconscious signals that she doesn’t even know she’s doing. But if a guy is aware then he will know what she wants. She will let you know when she wants to be touched. Guys need to study on the hotspots of a woman. They need to study on the G-spot, the S-pot and other areas. Guys need to learn about the woman’s body so he can please her in the best way possible.

You got to know how to arouse all her sexual senses. Sound, touch, taste, smell, and connect with her mentally. Men need to learn their bodies too. Build stamina and make it lasting for the girl. It’s our job to satisfy her to the fullest and she will open and do all the freaky stuff you want her to do. A real man is going to know what a woman wants and delivers it every time

How Important Is Foreplay?

Foreplay is very important role in the sexual escapades we do. Sex is supposed to be like a good book or movie. It starts off slow, but then it picks up. When it gains momentum, that’s when it gets exciting. There’s love, action, fun, excitement, danger, the climax and then comes to an end.

Well, foreplay is the intro to the story of sex. Foreplay isn’t just oral sex, it’s the exploration of each other’s bodies. This is one of the best times a man will enjoy during this sexual conquest. He gets to feel the warmth of the skin which is good for bonding. He gets to find the hot spots that makes her laugh, tingle, and gasps for air. Her voice tones and moans are being hardwire to the man’s brain, sending electric shocks to his penis, getting him erect. This is time to be close and intimate. A man gets to taste the flavors of his woman giving him a animalistic vibe. Making him more and more hungry for her.

Foreplay is what gets a woman to open up to submit to a man and being willing to receive him inside her. Yes indeed, foreplay is my thing. Now when I do foreplay, I have no set way of going about it. I usually just go with the flow, but I like to let my tongue explore across a woman’s body. The wetness from the saliva makes it easy for the tongue to slide across. I do that until I find her hotspots and work the area around it. I like to massage a woman get her comfortable and relaxed for sex  Bite her neck, kiss her ears. Kiss her belly and around her lower region till she squirms in ecstasy.

Now since I love giving oral, I go to town pleasing a girl, making sure she a good amount of orgasms before we have sex. Those are just some of my tactics…Lol. Can’t give away them all but I hope they can help out a guy who’s having a hard time in the foreplay department. Use those methods and she’s gonna love you, trust and believe.

Ways To Have A Good Sensual Experience

Sex is a mood, an emotion, and an art. To have a good sensual sexual experience, you got to tap to all of those senses. I used to do a video blog called HOW TO BE A ROMANTIC into which I always said that romance is a lifestyle. So you have to build that lifestyle. Same with sensuality. It comes from within and flows like water freely. Set the mood with the proper music to get the mind intrigued. Have her in sexy attire that will draw more attraction to you of her.

A man loves to see curves, so ladies, wear something revealing but also leave a little to the imagination. Men, explore her body, heighten her senses. Listen for the sounds that lets you know that she’s enjoying what you’re doing. Communicate, ask her what does she like, or if what you are doing is making her feel good. Take your time and don’t rush. Give her the enjoyment that she wants to feel. Whisper in her ear how much you like connecting with her, which will get her closer to climax.

After all that is said and done and the both of you have climaxed, take time to hold each other and afterglow. Hold your hand over your partners heart so you can feel there heartbeat. You can bond real close and feel the life flowing through each other. Calm down and relax. That will make for a good sensual sexual connection.

My Favorite Sex Positions

Now as far as positions go, I love them all. With missionary it makes me feel strong and masculine over the woman. I feel a lot bigger as a person. I like being able to look down at the girl to see if she is being receptive to my strokes. I’m able to play within her vagina deep and shallow. I definitely love doggy style because I’m an ass man. The bigger the better. I like to see the voluptuous cheeks shake and make waves with each stroke. I’m able to massage her back while delivering my strokes. That gets them all mushy.

Now, one of my favorite positions is being rode. I love a rider. That position is for the women. They are able to take control and put the penis in a spot that makes her feel the best. Also, I’m able to grab her ass and feel all the softness of it. I like making good transitions going from one position to another. Sex is an art, a synchronized dance between man and woman. Be the best artist you can. Try all kinds of positions and paint pretty pictures in the bedroom.

Mistakes During Sex That Turn Her Off

There’s many things that can happen in the bedroom that can turn her off.  Having a bad attitude. Having terrible hygiene. Being too aggressive, not being able to get erect. Men having an orgasm before they do. If the man is not making her orgasm, then that is a for sure way of stopping yourself from getting another chance with a girl.

Women build up all this anticipation and willingness to give themselves to you, and you end up shooting holes in the boat and start to drown because of these key mistakes. If one thing I can stress to men, that it is to learn your own body. Learn how it works. Listen to what it tells you. Learn how to gain stamina and learn how to control your penis. It’s yours, connected to you and your brain, learn how to control it. If you have sexual anxiety and can’t get it up, learn how to relax and accept the fact that yes, this lady wants to have sex with you and yes, that it’s alright for you to do it. Relax and enjoy.

One thing that can throw a woman off also is non communication. Not responding to her or not telling her what feels good. That can get a girl frustrated. They’re not mind readers but we men expect for them to know what we want. Without communication, it could make for a dead session. So if a guy takes in some of this information, I say it will definitely help him on his sexual quest of pleasing a woman


Some people call me the P.T Barnum of the industry because I bring all the freaks together like a circus show to give you unique sexual shows. I look to shoot people with unique sexual talents.

I have a lot of projects lined up for the future. I’m continuing on with my new blowjob series… THE ART OF SUCKING DICK. Also I’ll be working on a MILF interracial DVD release, Welcome To The Freakshow, Big Beautiful Babies, Black Love, Pussy Stories, and MYSTER MYSTERIOUS PRESENTS THE CASE OF THE MISSING VIBRATOR. I got a gang of ideas and in the near future they will come to light.

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