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What To Expect From The Perfect Domination Mistress In London


What To Expect From The Perfect Domination Mistress In London

As with all aspects of BDSM, trust is the most important factor in a domination relationship. For a genuine domination relationship to work, both parties need to know exactly what they expect, and exactly what they are willing to give and take, from the pairing. As such, you cannot get into a Domination relationship in the same way you would a standard sexual coupling. If you are looking for your perfect Domme in London, here are some qualities that your mistress should exhibit during your encounter. That way you know that you will be in for a night of pure submissive passion.

Domination Expertise and Trust

A domination relationship is a complex thing that should not be taken lightly – otherwise, you are not going to get what you want from the experience, and your partner will not

Escorts are trained professionals at what they do, and they will not advertise themselves as offering a service without having had significant experience in that field. As such, hiring a Domination escort is one of the best ways to meet responsible, passionate dominatrixes in your area.

This might seem counter-intuitive, after all, if a major part of a Domination relationship is trust, why would you enlist the services of a woman you don’t even know? Put simply, escorts offer a professional service, in the same way, that a swimming instructor does. The trust between a client and an escort is business-based, as opposed to the more personal trust one usually associates with a sexual relationship.

If you meet up with a domination mistress, she will talk you through all of your fantasies and let you feel like you are safe hands. It does not matter if your mistress is an outcall escort or is from the best London incall escort agency, at the end of the day, she should know exactly what she is doing and make you feel like you do not need to control the situation. You should be able to trust her enough to allow yourself to let go and relax into a natural submissive state. It may take a few encounters to do this, but it is worth it once you get to the point of pure obedience without question.


Now that we have established that the act of domination/BDSM is a trust exercise between partners, it’s also important to understand that a BDSM relationship between a mistress and slave cannot happen unless there is open communication. Whether that is about kinks, fetishes or interests, your mistress must know them all. The more open you are about what you like and dislike, the more informed your mistress will be. This is especially important in terms of safe words and warnings.  Your mistress needs to know when she is going too far and when she needs to take a softer approach with you. So, don’t be afraid to think of the perfect word that will not disrupt your atmosphere but will still let your mistress when she has done too much.

So, the main thing you need to know about finding your perfect mistress in London is to keep an open mind and let her know exactly what you are thinking. That way you can have a passionate encounter every time.


Now, when it comes to your mistresses services, they need to suit your every need and desire. You can’t be submissive to a mistress who can satisfy you. Then you may start to question whats the point of being good. That’s why your mistress needs to be able to carry herself with the perfect combination of “carrot and stick” to reward and punish you.

When you first meet up with your London mistress, don’t be afraid to question her services. If there is something specific that you like the sound of, for instance, whipping or spanking, then ask her about whether or not she would be willing to do it. A good mistress will understand what you enjoy and use it throughout the service either as a “punishment” or to reward you for good behaviour. For instance, if you are interested in puppy play, she may reward you by taking you out for a walk. However, if you have been bad then she may spank you or take away your toys as punishment.

The services your mistress provides you to represent the dynamic of your relationship. She should exactly how to please you and how to hold the balance of punishment vs pleasure. That way, you will WANT to obey her every command, rather than just be forced to.

No Judgement

A London mistress has been in the BDSM community for a very long time. She has seen a whole range of fetishes from vanilla to the extreme. So, why would she even think about judging you? A good mistress will make sure that you feel welcome in her lair and that you can truly release yourself from your pent up urges. If your mistress makes you feel insecure or bad about the sort of services you are after, it may be time to look for a brand new domination escort in London.

Where to find the perfect London mistress?

One of the best places to start when it comes to finding a mistress in London is online. Yes, a lot of mistresses credentials get passed on through word of mouth but try by searching “dominatrix escort agencies” or “London Mistresses” on Google. There you will be able to find a lot of Dominatrix agencies or directories that will show you some of the best ladies in the business. Some London dommes even have their websites that show off their dungeons and services. It’s the best place to start if you’re after meeting up with a London Mistress for a date.

Have fun!

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