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Australian Model Janade Rayner


Australian Model Janade Rayner

Hi SimplySxy team! It is a pleasure to have been invited to your platform, My name is Janade Rayner and I’m originally from a small town in Western Australia called Dunsborough, I’ve recently moved to Sydney NSW a year ago to better myself and chase my dreams in modelling, I believe in body positivity and I’m an advocate in mental health awareness. What I’m trying to do on my platform of following mainly through my Instagram is give a voice to those whom find it hard to speak, mental health is a very touchy subject that I believe needs to be spoken about.

What got you started into modelling?

Honestly I never thought twice about it until I helped a friend in her makeup course, she asked me to model for her makeup. After that I uploaded the photos and my exposure blew up, I got asked to shoot with photographers from all around Perth and thought, “why not?” Since being in Sydney I have been signed to Royalle Modelling Agency and its been such a blessing.

Which genre of modelling do you prefer most? 

I really enjoy modelling for swimwear and for editorials, meaning I like dressing up in funky clothes and makeup with fun concepts, I think it brings out another side in me compared to the regular modelling. Although I do really enjoy swimwear, I think its empowering.

Do you follow a strict beauty regime to to look so amazing? 

Honestly I’m the furthest thing from strict, I am so easy going but if I want something I will do anything to go get it. Growing up in a small country town I never had a particularly glamorous lifestyle. I never wore makeup and I still don’t knowhow to apply it, I often get my friends to do my makeup because I’m honestly utterly hopeless at being a female. I do take good care of my skin though, I make sure to wash my face morning and night and apply moisturiser during the day before leaving the house (moisturiser is my substitute for makeup because I know how to apply it.)

Have you had a memorable modelling or photoshoot experience to share?

I do indeed, it was August last year and I went to Bali, Indonesia. I did a photoshoot for a clothing brand over there – Islandstyle Designs. The photographer – Fabio Lorenzo,  at the end of the shoot offered to shoot me again but a more sensual and raw shoot. I struggled with mental health growing up and as a result have self harm scars. Fabio made me feel so comfortable and it was the first time I had ever done a shoot with my scars exposed. I decided I wouldn’t hide it anymore and I would try help other teens feel more comfortable in their skin if they were struggling with similar circumstances. He seriously has changed my life’s a model since.

If you can time travel, what will you like to witness? 

Tough one! I would probably go back to simpler times, maybe 2010, so I’m going into grade 5 or something and its the first day of school and the only things I had to worry about is making sure I had new shoes and a new school bag and my hair was done nicely and I could impress all the other 5th graders, oh and of course making sure I was sitting next to my best friend and I had a nice teacher. That would be cool.

Would you rather have the ability to fly or read minds? 

Is that even a question! i would save so much money in travel. I’d go see the world and wouldn’t think twice about it.

What is a funny or awkward attempt a guy has tried to know you?

Well I was walking out of my work at about 10pm and a guy looked once and looked back, turned around and literally ran to me, grabbed my hands and got on one knee and proposed. I couldn’t stop laughing and as his friends proceeded to usher him away he threw his hat at me and told me to hold onto it so we had a story to tell our future children. Not going to lie, I still have the hat.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions Janade. One question before we end, how do you define “sexy”? 

I believe sexy is power, I think that being confident is sexy, I think trust, honesty and loyalty is sexy. I think sexy is more than a magazine cover and I think it has such a deeper meaning, sexy can mean a lot of things, but I’m telling you now their is nothing sexier than a woman or man walking down the street with a smile and confidence in their step.

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