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The Hottest Kamasutra Poses For A Pleasant Evening

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The Hottest Kamasutra Poses For A Pleasant Evening

Not everyone has an idea of what Kamasutra positions or Kamasutra sex look like. However, it would interest you to know that one of the best ways to have a pleasant evening with your partner, is to integrate some fun like erotic Kamasutra and the likes.

When you check either scam or legit real reviews for com dating site, there is one constant feature, and that is safe sex or gay safe sex. People visit local dating sites for this purpose, and once the sex feature can be accessed, it keeps them coming for more.

Below are some of the hottest Kamasutra poses which would give you an enjoyable evening:

1. Butterfly position: If you have a moderate weight, and your partner has a full figure, you will take your leg to her chest region, while you allow her to stand on either side while ensuring she is very flexible. Move gently towards her, and penetrate while holding her leg.

You can also stand in front of her, while her legs have exceeded the edge of the bed, then lift her legs upwards, making them rest towards you. This pose perfectly illustrates the butterfly position, and it can also be performed as a kneeling position.

2. Janakurpara position: This is one of the best erotic Kamasutra positions which would grant you a pleasant time with your partner. This is perfectly suited for partners who are equally fit. Both parties need to have strong and firm abs because lots of calories would be burnt.

Basically, you set the janakurpara position by carrying her up and fixing your elbows below her knees for a firmer grip. Then use your hands to hold her butt, and allow her to hold your neck.

With this position, you will be able to penetrate deeply, and it comes with lots of pleasure. In addition, there would be eye contact which is beneficial to this experience. It can be said that this position is the best reward for the tough exercise you had in the gym for your body to be fully fit.

3. Tripadam position: This is another erotic Kamasutra sex position which gives you an awesome sex experience. The Tripadam position is perfect for partners who have the same height, and it is amazing when you need a quickie done. This position can be done as fast as possible without wasting your time. As a matter of fact, you do not need a bed to get this done.

According to reviews of free dating sex sites like fuckbook, you will see some models giving this particular pose. People who ask “what is fuckbook?”, need to understand great sex poses before asking any model out. What you do in this position is, both of you stand and face each other, then you raise one of her knees and fix your hand under.

You should however know that, you cannot deep penetrate with this position.

4. Piditaka position: This is one of the best Kamasutra positions which comes with an unforgettable sexual encounter. The Piditaka position can be performed by anyone, at any period of the day. To start with, she bends her knees and rests them on your chest. Then you relax your knees on any side of your buttocks, raise her thighs then penetrate her.

With this sex position, pleasure is guaranteed, because the vagina becomes narrower when the legs are raised up. In addition, you can also communicate affection and tenderness to her when you allow her legs to touch your feet and mouth.

Before you use the Piditaka position, ensure that you have ample time for sex with your partner, because you would not want to let go easily. Also ensure you integrate foreplay before the penetration, to set your emotions racing.

5. Blossoming position: This is another Kamasutra sex position which is common. Basically, it can be achieved by taking the head of the woman lower and raising her vagina. This position is the link between Pilates bridge and the missionary style. With the Blossoming position, you can take your partner into a long sex journey, which gives room for both parties to explore the bodies of each other.

You would be surprised to find out that you can use several rounds with this position without getting wearied. You can also take turns with your partner to lead each round, and you will be thrilled by the pleasant experience which this position gives every time.

When it comes to having a pleasant evening, one fact which you and your partner should bear in mind is, there are no fixed rules in bed. All you need do is ensure that you wholly submit to your partner, and ensure they receive the needed affection which is a strong sign of your true love for them.

All the aforementioned Kamasutra poses are awesome, and understanding how each of the works, will guarantee how your sex life would be. Hence, for you not to mess it up, it is important that you understand how they work, so that you will keep thrilling your partner.

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