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Intimacy For Older Gentlemen

Sex Ed

Intimacy For Older Gentlemen

Sexuality and its expression is part of being a healthy person. The hormones released such as serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, all have positive effect on our well being and bonding.

People differ in how they express that sexuality as some enjoy the kink side of sexuality and some of us are more vanilla but a large part of it is mental and we all can indulge ourselves in the thought process.

Sexy thoughts about the fun and the experience we can have arouses sexy expression and better experiences. Keeping that mental part alive is an important part of experiencing great sex as we age.

Differences Between The Needs Of Older & Younger Gentlemen

Older men enjoy the journey and often prefer a relaxed, non rushed atmosphere. Performance anxiety may be present if ED is an issue and thus patience is needed and plenty of teasing and working to build excitement. However, many men enjoy the journey and don’t worry if the destination takes a different path and doesn’t arrive at an “earth shattering orgasm” but enjoy pleasing a partner and the closeness and mental sexiness of being in the moment, kissing and cuddling.

What Do Older Gentlemen Do Better In Bed?

They tend to be more able to provide the sensual experience the majority of women appreciate, taking time to stimulate us and are tuned into our reactions and know the subtle signs of our heightened stimulation. They tend to know where erogenous areas of a woman’s body are and often realize that porn is not the manifestation of that ultimate experience and expression, but merely visually fun. I personally enjoy men in my age bracket over younger men as they stimulate both my mind and body through shared history and because older men have, for the most part; become attuned to women’s needs.

Advantages Of A Longer Date 

Again, the mind plays a huge role in the build up of sexual experience and expression, and for older men, the appreciation of time spent over dinner, for example; anticipating the intimacy to come and then the slow, deep kissing, undressing and caressing and non-rushed feeling allows for a more intense, juicer time with a woman. There’s less concern about performance and thus ED may be a non issue in the relaxed time together .

There is also a certain romantic element that enters into play that goes with the longer engagement that appeals to mature men and women on a date, if it’s a dinner date or longer and a naturalness that has an appeal for many.

Tips For An Unforgettable Date

I am in a service role in a sense and recalling that with my own boundaries in mind is important to me. Listening to conversations actively, adding the romance by holding hands in public when appropriate, and being sure to keep my focus on my company in public and private sphere, add to the experience.

Staying positive and relaxed and seeking to find any personal touches I  can address in the setting that are thoughtful and may not even have to do with sexual expression; the trip to the coffee bar in the morning , calling the Uber for dinner, thoughtful and simple gestures can mean so much to create a memory. The sex may be memorable but the sum package of fun  is in the small gestures, too.

Bailey Rae – I am a mature Southern California courtesan who enjoys the company of her peers for longer engagements, though shorter engagements are available. Please see my information here.

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Incall available in Palm Springs with at least a weeks notice, but I’m mainly outcall with a businessman’s needs in mind for a change of pace from dining alone and spending the night staring at the television.

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Bailey Ray

I am a mature Southern California courtesan who enjoys the company of her peers for longer engagements, though shorter engagements are available. Please see my information here.


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