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How To Convince Your Partner To Try Out Something New

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How To Convince Your Partner To Try Out Something New

When it comes to sex, it’s always nice to switch things up from time to time. If you keep doing the same things over and over, eventually sex becomes stale and you just lose all the enjoyment that it used to have. Of course, if you have a partner who is willing to experiment with new things, this isn’t a problem. Chances are, whatever you suggest they’ll be more than happy to try out. The problem arises if your partner doesn’t want to try anything new. This might be because they’re a bit conservative, or perhaps they’re scared from what could happened if they changed things up, especially in the domain of sex.

Today we’re exploring what the best ways are to convince your significant other to try out new things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re with a man or a woman, what matters is that you need to find a way to get through to them that they need to change things up in the bedroom. And we all know that if they don’t, you’ll end up getting someone who will on the side. Since we probably don’t want that to happen if you’re in a monogamous relationship, here are the top 3 ways in which you can ease your partner into some hot and kinky scenarios.

1# Surprise them on a special date with something sexy

Everyone likes surprises. And it’s in these euphoric moments that we can really get our blood pumping, and this is the prime time for trying out new things. Wait until it’s your anniversary, or perhaps it’s yours or your partner’s birthday to surprise them with a hot outfit or some kinky objects that you can try out in your bedroom. Chances are, they’ll be eager to try something out with you then.

2# Start out small and then work your way up the ladder

If the only thing you and your partner have been having in terms of sex is some straight vanilla bullshit, then there’s no way that they’ll jump into some heavy BDSM action straight away. Try getting them into the world with some hot lingerie. Then you can try out some bondage. Perhaps you could try a bit of light roleplay as well. Work your way up from there.

3# Show your partner hot BDSM in porn and games

Sometimes they need to see what they’re missing out on. This isn’t a full-proof way to get them to like BDSM or anything kinky in general, but it’s worth the shot. Show them one of your favorite BDSM videos or a fetish porno that gets you going. If the video is well made and everyone looks like they’re having fun in it, then chances are that they could change their mind as well. Similarly, games are an easy way to get them trying out something new. Try out the Best Free Sex Games in order to get that train rolling.

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