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Sexual Intimacy in Virtual Reality is Much Closer than You Think

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Sexual Intimacy in Virtual Reality is Much Closer than You Think

With time, VR as one sexually influencing experience is all set to see more development. Porn has in existence for a long time and has been related to technology. People have started being more interested in VR. It should not come as a surprise that this adult content has started gathering demand. Even though this is not a good concept, teledildonics will enable you to be involved in sexual activity using the technological device remotely.

There is a popular cam website which experimented with VR Intimacy and had been launched in the month of August last year. This was actually a VR platform which enabled the viewers to interact with the performers through teledildonics. The site authority said that they would like to provide their users with a good experience which will stimulate their imagination constantly.

Virtual Reality intimacy has received acclamation from media for some time now. In 2013, it had been reported that a company makes sex toys which are robot-assisted for helping couples who are in a long distance. With the use of a haptic device, the company will stimulate through a small action like hand-holding to sex. This is taken as an intimate experience directly out of science fiction and for a price of less than $200.

Other devices have come up in the last few years starting from Tesla Suit to OhRoma which adds scents for improving the VR porn experience. With time, the adult industry is gaining momentum and many sex toys are making its way into the market. Only recently, a Swiss startup, Terpon SA began developing VR webcams, especially for the adult industry. The Terpon CEO is of the opinion that adult content which is recorded is dying because of the amount of free content which is available. Hence, the move towards adding 3D content and live-cam is something which people are going to pay for.

The CEO of Naughty America, Ian Paul has said that there is a consistent flow of new customers when it comes to the VR Porn industry.

What does virtual reality mean in the adult industry? It means total immersion. This makes it possible to be the protagonist in the video which is being watched due to the 360-degree viewing. It will provide you with a close and personal experience. VR is going to work in the quality of the image depth and frames of the field with the industry moving towards manipulating the content. With technological advancement, the experience will also improve.

Even though these changes are not going to come at once, CEO of Terpon, Claude Artonne claims that this heightened experience will keep on evolving and also mimicking real-life interaction as more companies will enter the field and will develop more cutting edge technologies which define boundaries.

The question is what about all ordinary relationships and why is VR sex something which should happen? The answer is that the prospect of sexual intimacy is quite big. It can heighten the intimacy in between people and can also work on sex.

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