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What Do Men Want From Women During Sex

Sex Ed

What Do Men Want From Women During Sex

I think, like most humans, we all love sex. I have been fortunate enough to experience many sexual encounters in my life that led me to this conclusion: sex is a form of art. It is a discipline. It is a science. It should be studied and practiced and studied some more if you truly want to achieve great sex. For me personally, I believe that sex is a wonderful experience if all parties involved understand the dynamics of intimacy, arousal and pleasure. From my experience, most people don’t. I started to see why William Shakespeare referred to sex as being the ‘The Beast with two backs”. Sex is very powerful if done correctly.

What Amazing Sex Means To Me

As an adult entertainer, sex is part of what I do but at this point in my life, amazing sex is mentally stimulating at first and physically stimulating after that. What I mean is, for me, I must be aroused mentally first which consists of a woman who fully understands the art of seduction. When I was younger, any sex was amazing sex. My dick going in a pussy, mouth or ass. It was all great until it got boring. Then, that’s when I began enlightened to what good sex is to me. As I mentioned earlier, it should be studied. I met this lady once in my late 20s and she said, “Hey Alex, I bet you I can make you cum from kissing you.” Of course, I laughed.

The following day is when she started putting her seduction expertise to use on me. She aroused me in many ways well before we got to the actual act of sex.  A simple walk or gentle kiss .She could make my dick hard by just stimulating by my imagination through simple conversation. I’ve never seen a naked picture of her but I didn’t need it because she was opening my eyes to true desire. The night we finally got naked, I was so hard that I felt like my dicks’s skin was going to tear. She made me desire her more than any other woman I ever had… Did she make me cum from kissing me? No, but she was close. She truly helped me realize, intimacy and seduction truly starts in the mind first then the body.

A woman that I find sexually attractive and she knows but she makes me want her before I can actually have her. That can be done through numerous methods. What she wears, not too revealing and shows the right curves. It’s a silhouette of what I desire. She knows the type of pictures to send me. Not everything showing but something to the imagination and she knows that I need to be stimulated mentally. When the time comes and I’m excited, she gives me a kiss. She touches me in the right way, she moves her body in lust as we embrace each other. She stops me from putting my dick in her right away, she makes me wait no matter how much she feels me throbbing. Her body wants it too but she wants me to be as turned on and hard as I possibly can be. She makes me go from wanting to stick it in her pussy into needing to stick it in her pussy. For the sexual experience to be amazing to me, these seductive elements must be in play. If not, then its just another boring fuck .

Misconceptions About What Men Want

Thats a tough question because each man wants something different in their sexual experience. For me, the misconceptions I come across is that some women think I like them to lay there and not provide the same sexual energy I exert. They thought that I just wanted to pound pussies and beat my chest in triumph like I am some 19 year old frat boy. No, I like a woman to fuck me back but at the very least move.

Another misconception I have experienced is that a woman thinks a man can cum at will. She yells out, “please cum” as if it’s my job to make me cum. No that’s her job, like my job is to make her cum. Consider it to be a partnership where both parties must uphold the obligation of making each other cum. In that situation, I realize that she truly doesn’t know how to have sex . She calls back and wonder why I don’t want to have sex with her again.

The last misconception I have is that I have experienced women who thinks putting my dick in her mouth alone constitutes as getting good head. I mention earlier that sex is an art form. I have studied and practiced on how to eat pussy and I expect the woman to be well versed in how to suck cock. For example, most women can only get the head of my cock in their mouths which is fine because its the most sensitive part of the dick. Nevertheless, I can count on 4 fingers how many times I had actual great head. My point is, if you are going to do it, then be the best at it or aspire to be. I’m not expecting someone to have a gold medal in cock sucking but please attempt to win the bronze at least.

What Do Men Typically Want?

For me I like to be in control but I am very willing to give up some control for a woman who truly knows how to have sex. I spoke earlier about how mental stimulation is truly my starting point. Someone showing up naked in a trench coat only tackles the physical stimulation. I need a combination of both. I can say the typical man likes for his partner to know what he truly wants. No matter how carnal or unordinary his desires may be. Judgement has no place in the bedroom.

Most men want a woman with an open mind so they can display their sexual needs without fear of judgement or unwanted dirty looks. I think both parties should be open minded, not just the woman. I think once that’s established, then and only then, can someone say his or her partner is truly sexual compatible. Stray away from the unfulfilling sex. I knew a lady once who preferred to masturbate rather than have sex because she could experience her true fantasies only in her mind and not in her bedroom with her husband. Then she met me and we had a blast. My point is, men want what women want for the most part. Which is understanding pleasure, and more pleasure.

Tips For Men To Ask For What They Want

Well before he asks, I would suggest he understands the partner he is asking. Is he or she open minded? Pretentious people may find any sexual act outside the ordinary to be too much. Sometime he or she may not be pretentious but instead, closed minded or inexperienced in the area of sex you desire. Pick your partner carefully in other words.

A tip I would like to add is to be open and upfront. It’s no easy way to sneak in wanting a threesome into the conversation. My advice is to just sit your partner down and tell him or her your sexual needs. If you receive a no, then understand your desire is beyond the limitations of your partners’ sexuality. We definitely don’t want to make your significant other do something he or she doesn’t want to do. That would be very selfish and probably ruin the relationship. Try explain so they understand why it’s important to you and it’s a sexual need you would like to experience rather than a sexual want which could be dismissed as most wants typically are.

The key is tapping into their sexual desire when explaining. Maybe your sexual needs will stimulate him or her imagination and the answer turns to maybe or I don’t know. Not the answer you wanted but for me, that’s much better than a no. Regardless of the outcome, try to explain to your significant other your once unspoken desire as thorough as possible so they achieve clear understanding. This is a good thing and allow him or her to explain their sexual needs as well.

Remember, it’s a two way street and you won’t get what you need unless you are willing to give your significant other what they need sexually.  Set aside an hour of alone time to openly discuss each others hidden sexual needs. Remember if you say you want a threesome and she says she wants ten dicks at once, you can’t judge her. It’s a give give relationship. Ok, I would judge just a little .

Elements Necessary To Have A Good Sexual Time

I am at the point where unless it’s mental stimulating, then it’s a boring waste of time. Maybe I am oversexed because of what I do or it’s just my age, but I require much more than a naked woman on her knees sucking my cock. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good start to my needs for physical need but that’s putting the wagon before the horse. Sure we would fuck and I’ll cum the few tablespoons of cum but in a great sexual experience, that turns into a full cup of cum. I have a stronger release when the elements I mentioned earlier is present. I speak solely for myself when I say that the physical act alone can and will get boring after awhile.

Probably because we are too scared to say what we truly want. That guys who comes home late from work to his family because his secretary stays late to suck dick better than his wife, or that wife who fucks the pool boy when her husband is at work because the pool boy does whats she wants in bed and doesn’t ask questions. No matter where you fall in this spectrum, I would advice everyone to be open with each other sexual needs.

Remember, if you say no, someone will say yes and next thing you know, you are in a divorce court. Don’t be boring, be sexy. I can assure you, being sexy is as far from being boring than a wife’s vibrator is from the bed or the husband’s cheap box of condoms he has stashed for his hookers. In other words, know what makes you explode sexually and do it.

Alex Anaconda –  I am an Adult Entertainer and  X Model. I am a specialized practitioner in the art of sex. I sometimes coach and train others on how to get that amazing sexual release that we all desire. Oh and I love sex if you haven’t noticed. Stay fucking, my friends.

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Alex Anaconda

I am an Adult Entertainer and X Model. I am a specialized practitioner in the art of sex. I sometimes coach and train others on how to get that amazing sexual release that we all desire. Oh and I love sex if you haven't noticed. Stay fucking, my friends.


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